Rationality Cardinality

Rationality Cardinality is a humorous card game, built out of rationality concepts and vocabulary and designed to teach them. I have recently finished an online-game implementation, which can be embedded into gather.town worlds. Try it out by joining the Rationality Cardinality gather.town server! It helps to have other people to play with, so I suggest Saturday May 1, 11am PST as a Schelling meetup time.

Rationality Cardinality is a two-for one combined bet on dick jokes and the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis. Sapir-Whorf is the hypothesis that many people are bottlenecked on what thoughts they can think, on having vocabulary for the relevant concepts. I’ve been curating a set of cards (concepts, explanations, and jokes) over the years, and I’m quite proud of it. (Except for the cards about concepts that fell to the replication crisis, of course.)