2020 LessWrong Demographics Survey

Edit: The sur­vey is now closed. You can see the re­sults here

DISCLAIMER: This is not a re­turn of the old an­nual sur­vey. I am not a mod nor an owner of this web­site. This means that the raw data from this sur­vey gets re­leased pub­li­cly (but your re­sponses will be anony­mous). Feel free to not an­swer any ques­tion you feel un­com­fortable about. The sur­vey will also be a lot shorter than the old an­nual sur­veys (32 ques­tions). It will be closed on the 13th of July, I will show the re­sults in a sep­a­rate post ti­tled “2020 LessWrong De­mo­graph­ics Sur­vey Re­sults

You can start tak­ing the sur­vey (<10 min­utes) by click­ing on the fol­low­ing link: