[Question] Cryonics before natural death. List of companies?

I re­ally don’t want to wait those who are dear to me or my­self to get Alzheimer’s and only then, af­ter our nat­u­ral death, to be cry­op­re­served.

I want to choose the mo­ment when I’m pre­served. How­ever, it seems like it is not al­lowed by Al­cor, Cry­on­ics in­sti­tute, and many other com­pa­nies due to leg­is­la­tion. I can­not even kill my­self and be pre­served right af­ter­wards.

Serge Fague wrote some­thing along the lines “I’d rather pre­serve my­self right af­ter I’m di­ag­nosed with this”, so I think there are com­pa­nies (and coun­tries) that can pre­serve you if you ask them.

My ques­tion is—do such com­pa­nies ex­ist, and if yes, can you name them?