LW Update 2019-1-09 – Question Updates, UserProfile Sorting

First up­date of 2019!

Stream­lined Mo­bile Above-the-Fold

On mo­bile, logged out users now see cleaner, slightly sleeker col­lec­tions of Ra­tion­al­ity: A-Z, Codex and HPMOR. Logged in users see only one recom­mended se­quence in­stead of 3.

Im­proved Q&A Features

We have a few qual­ity-of-life im­prove­ments to the new ques­tion sys­tem:

  • You can now move a com­ment into the an­swers sec­tion, if you later re­al­ize it was a pretty good an­swer.

  • An­swers that ap­pear on the front­page are now styled differ­ently from com­ments.

  • If you re­ply to an an­swer on the front­page, on the cor­re­spond­ing Ques­tion page it now ap­pears par­ented un­der­neath the an­swer as in­tended.

UserPro­file and All Posts Sorting

On User Pro­file pages, as well on the beta-test­ing All Posts page, there’s now a rea­son­able method of sort­ing posts.

You can now sort posts by:

  • new

  • old

  • top (high­est karma)

  • magic (our karma/​time weighted al­gorithm)

  • re­cen­tCom­ments (most re­cently com­mented posts sorted to the top, along with new posts)

You also can filter posts so you only see Cu­rated, Front­page, Ques­tions, Meta and Event. (By de­fault, User Pro­files, All Posts and Daily will show all post types)

GreaterWrong now gets bet­ter spam protection

We had pre­vi­ously im­ple­mented a filter so that new user’s posts didn’t ap­pear on the home page un­til ap­proved by an ad­min. But this only ap­plied to spe­cific front­page post views. Now, it ap­plies to all views by de­fault, so GreaterWrong should get less spam in their All Posts page.

Pass­word Resetting

Re­set­ting pass­words should now work prop­erly (pre­vi­ously it re­quired an awk­ward workaround where you had to log out be­fore you could re­set it)