Categorization of Meta-Ethical Theories (a flowchart)

Hi folks! Been a LessWrong lurker for a while. Here’s a lit­tle pro­ject I’m ex­cited about, which has been use­ful in or­ga­niz­ing my thoughts on meta-ethics.

This piece is a walk-through of an origi­nal flowchart (made with lots of help from friends) that cat­e­go­rizes the ma­jor meta-eth­i­cal po­si­tions. It lays out the points where differ­ent meta-eth­i­cal the­o­ries di­verge and gives a brief in­tro to each ma­jor the­ory. I think it’s a nice tool for get­ting a sense of the broad­est strokes of aca­demic meta-ethics, and be­ing able to hold the differ­ent the­o­ries in your head.