UPDATE: Society of Venturism is spearheading Kim Suozzi’s cryopreservation charity

Hey ev­ery­one,

I’m Kim Suozzi, a 23-year old brain can­cer pa­tient try­ing to se­cure cry­op­reser­va­tion be­fore my death.

I know I haven’t up­dated in awhile so I just wanted to check in and say how thank­ful I am for ev­ery­one that has been donat­ing and sup­port­ing me so far. I’ve got­ten way more of a re­sponse than I could have ever ex­pected, and it’s hard to find words re­gard­ing this whole thing, but I want you know that I am end­lessly grate­ful for the hope you’ve already offered to me.

I have two days of ra­di­a­tion treat­ment left, then I’m off to hope­fully pur­sue a clini­cal trial. Things are go­ing well con­sid­er­ing the cir­cum­stances; I have no big side effects other than be­ing tired.

I up­dated the other day with a video, if any­one is in­ter­ested:http://​​www.youtube.com/​​watch?v=lISC8I_IiCg

I also wanted to clar­ify that though The So­ciety of Ven­tur­ism is fundrais­ing on my be­half, I also have a di­rect link to my pay­pal (https://​​www.pay­pal.com/​​cgi-bin/​​web­scr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_but­ton_id=4WR8KS68RC6YY) for in­de­pen­dent dona­tions. How­ever, I would like to move funds to the Ven­tur­ists since they are third-party and a non-profit, that way peo­ple can be sure the funds go to cryo and noth­ing else. It looks like set­ting it up through the So­ciety for Ven­tur­ism is a bet­ter bet than go­ing though CI or Al­cor as it can be difficult to move funds in the case that you choose one com­pany over the other or need to change things around with fi­nanc­ing.

Any­way the So­ciety for Ven­turim Char­ity is lo­cated here: http://​​ven­tur­ist.info/​​kim-suozzi-char­ity.html, Sorry to re­post since I know it’s el­se­where already. I just wanted to try to put it all in one mes­sage since some oth­ers were ask­ing.

I can’t say this enough: thank you for all of you con­sid­er­a­tion and sup­port through all of this,and to all those who have already donated. Maybe if I achieve re­an­i­ma­tion, I can throw a party and show you guys what I’m re­ally like, (not just your run-of-the-mill-dy­ing-pa­tient.)

Hope to meet you/​ talk to you soon, whether in this time or much later.