Less Successful Cider Adventures

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A few weeks ago I made some boiled apple cider. It was tasty, and after eating most of it I decided to make more. This time I used a gallon of cider, and it wasn’t done after a day so I turned the slow cooker to “low” and left it overnight. Turns out that was too much! It had reduced to about 110 its original volume (1gal to 12oz), which wouldn’t be too bad if I ended up with caramel. Except that it also has a decidedly burnt flavor, probably from getting too hot at the end. I like dark caramel, but this is past dark.

On the plus side, it’s fun to play with, a bit like silly putty:

The kids have told me I can’t throw it out yet, but it probably goes tomorrow. It’s frustrating because the apple cider caramel flavors are all there, there’s just also a persistent flavor of ‘burnt’.

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