“Should Blackmail Be Legal” Hanson/​Zvi Debate (Sun July 26th, 3pm PDT)

This week­end’s LessWrong event is a de­bate! Robin Han­son and Zvi Mow­show­itz will be de­bat­ing black­mail this com­ing Sun­day.

The Zoom link is here: https://​​us02web.zoom.us/​​j/​​85013937335. (Face­book event.)

We will re­lease a record­ing and a tran­script af­ter­wards. There’ll be a Q&A (live on Zoom).

See you there :)


Robin’s ini­tial post on the sub­ject is Check­mate on Black­mail.

Zvi’s ini­tial post on the sub­ject is Black­mail (epistemic sta­tus: sur­pris­ingly con­tro­ver­sial).

Paul Chris­ti­ano and Tyler Cowen both wrote posts too, Check­mate on Black­mail? and Why should black­mail be ille­gal? re­spec­tively.

There’s also a black­mail tag for var­i­ous re­lated posts (some­one should write a de­scrip­tion and add any miss­ing posts).