EPUBs of MIRI Blog Archives and selected LW Sequences

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Here is a repository of EPUBs that I’ve created, consisting of rationalist or alignment content I want to read on my Kindle, such as selections of the MIRI (Blog) Archives and of multiple LessWrong Sequences that I am reading or intend to read.

This post is an announcement that this repository exists[1], and a way for people who search the internet to get EPUBs for LW sequences and MIRI (Blog) archives to find their way to this repository, instead of having to create their own EPUBs.[2]

I expect I will add more such EPUBs to the linked repository as time passes, for any collection of essays I’d prefer an e-book version of[3], both as a way to archive parts of the internet I find valuable, and because I like reading long content on e-ink screens.

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    My previous post on me creating an EPUB was intended to be a one-off, but then I found myself building a collection.

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    It seems plausible that someone would reason as I did and conclude that going through the MIRI Archives is very high value to gain certain illegible or non-explicitly-distilled context related to MIRI’s model of alignment and alignment research, and would prefer doing it using an e-reader enough to go through the trouble of searching for or creating their own e-books.

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    I’ve created an EPUB of (almost) the entirety of Gwern’s essays from https://​​gwern.net. Sure, the EPUB is outdated within a day of creation when Gwern updates some arbitrary passage in some arbitrary essay, but it feels great to have effectively the entirety of Gwern’s evergreen intellectual output in your Kindle.