Metrics to evaluate a Presidency

I got lots of helpful com­ments in my first post, so I’ll try a sec­ond: I want to de­velop a list of crite­ria by which to eval­u­ate a pres­i­dency. Com­ing up with crite­ria and met­rics on the econ­omy is pretty easy, but I’d like to ask for sug­ges­tions on prox­ies for eval­u­at­ing:

  • Ra­cial re­la­tions;

  • Gen­der equal­ity;

  • Im­pact on free trade /​ pro­tec­tion­ism;

  • Ed­u­ca­tion;

  • Any other sig­nifi­cant fac­tor that would de­ter­mine whether a pres­i­dent is suc­cess­ful.

Note: a few peo­ple have pointed out that the pres­i­dent is re­strained by sen­a­tors and con­gress­men etc—I re­al­ise that; but if we are will­ing to ad­mit that pres­i­dents do have some effect in so­ciety, we should be pre­pared to mea­sure them.