[Question] Generating a novelty scale

I was writ­ing a post when I thought “this isn’t very novel. I should mark it as such.” It then oc­curred to me to make a 1–10 scale to de­scribe how novel a piece is, similar to Gw­ern’s im­por­tance tags. How­ever, I’d pre­fer an ob­jec­tive scale, not a rank scale that Re­sorter gen­er­ates. If I never write any­thing su­per-duper-new, I shouldn’t have any 10s on the nov­elty scale.

Cur­rently, I have a rather coarse four-point scale with points that aren’t uniformly dis­tributed be­tween their neigh­bors:

  1. A ver­ba­tim copy of some­thing else.

  2. De­mon­strat­ing how to ap­ply a tech­nique pub­li­cly doc­u­mented el­se­where.

  3. Slightly gen­er­al­iz­ing an idea pub­li­cly doc­u­mented el­se­where.

  4. Paradigm-shift­ing recon­cep­tu­al­iza­tion akin to New­ton figur­ing out that the same thing causes ap­ples to fall from trees and planets to stay in their or­bits.

I’m try­ing to flesh out this scale as best as I’m able, but I’d like to get some help if I can. I’m also try­ing to sep­a­rate nov­elty from both util­ity and im­por­tance. For ex­am­ple, “hold the ba­nana by the han­dle end, pinch the other end to make a crack in it, and peel it start­ing at the crack” is no more than a 1.1 on the nov­elty scale, maybe a 4 on the util­ity scale, and 2 or so on the im­por­tance scale.

Are there any other use­ful points on a nov­elty scale?