LW Update 2018-09-18 – Email Subscriptions for Curated

Sub­scribe to Cu­rated via RSS or Email – We added a sys­tem to sub­scribe to things via email. So far we’ve only im­ple­mented it for the cu­rated feed, but we’ll soon be im­ple­ment­ing it for other things.

Pri­vate Mes­sages – We over­hauled the PM styling so that it didn’t look so janky. Un­for­tu­nately, it still doesn’t work prop­erly on mo­bile (I think this was always the case but be­fore it looked awk­ward enough that you weren’t tempted to use it). We have a fix in the works to make mo­bile work but it’s not quite ready yet.

Styling Re­fac­tor Part I com­plete – We com­pleted the parts of our styling re­fac­tor that were nec­es­sary to cleanly restyle the AI Align­ment Fo­rum and EA Fo­rum.

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