Wisdom for Smart Teens—my talk at SPARC 2014

I re­cently had the priv­ilege of a 1-hour speak­ing slot at SPARC, a yearly two-week camp for top high school math stu­dents.

Here’s the video: Wis­dom for Smart Teens

In­stead of pick­ing a sin­gle topic, I in­dulged in a bunch of mini-top­ics that I feel pas­sion­ate about:

  1. Origi­nal Sight

  2. “Em­peror has no clothes” moments

  3. Episte­mol­ogy is cool

  4. Think quantitatively

  5. Be spe­cific /​ use examples

  6. Or­ga­ni­za­tions are inefficient

  7. How I use Bayesianism

  8. Be empathizable

  9. Communication

  10. Simplify

  11. Startups

  12. What you want

I think the LW crowd will get a kick out of it.