Seeking Optimization of New Website “New Atheist Survival Kit,” a go-to site for newly-made atheists

I’ve put together a website, “New Atheist Survival Kit” at

The idea is to help new atheists come to terms with their change in belief, and also invite them to become more than atheists: rationalists.

And if it helps theists become atheists, too, and helps old atheists become rationalists, more the better.

The bare bones of it are all in place now. Once a few people have gone over it, for editing, and for advice about what to include, leave out, improve, re-organize, whatever, I’ll ask a bunch of atheist and rationalist communities to write up their own blurb for us to include in a list of communities that we’ll point people to in the “Atheist Communities” or “Thinker’s Communities” sections on the main menu.

It includes my rough draft attempt to basically bring down the Metaethics sequence to a few thousand words and make it stylistically and conceptually accessible to a mass audience, which I could especially use some help with.

So, for now, I’m here to ask that anyone interested check it out, and message me any improvements they think worth making, from grammar and spelling all the way up to what content to include, or how to present things.

Thanks to all for any help.