[Link] Robots Program People

On Scott Adams’ Blog: Robots Pro­gram Peo­ple:

It won’t be long be­fore all new drugs are dis­cov­ered by robots. This start-up is an ex­am­ple of that trend.
And it won’t be long be­fore IBM’s Wat­son can di­ag­nose and pre­scribe treat­ments bet­ter than any hu­man doc­tor.
Put those two trends to­gether and robots will be pro­gram­ming hu­mans with drugs. Drugs are the user in­ter­face to our moist­ware.
Some­day, for sure, ma­chines will be pro­gram­ming hu­mans. And that day will prob­a­bly be in your life­time. But don’t be afraid be­cause the robots will some­day have a drug that will make you feel to­tally okay with be­ing their pet.
I think this is quite rele­vant as that is ac­tu­ally quite likely and has lots of failure modes from UFAI to Moloch.
The post also has some dis­cus­sion of whether the ma­chines are ac­tu­ally ac­tors in this (“You are think­ing that hu­mans pro­gram the ma­chines, and the ma­chines just do their job.”) and does some in­sight­ful com­par­i­sons on that.