Lamda is not an LLM

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…so new interview with Blake Lemoine.

Lamda is not an LLM. It’s an LLM retrained in real-time by Deepmind’s StarCraft playing AlphaStar with full ability to query Google Search, Books, Maps. I note that much of the dismissal of Blake Lemoine’s claims strawman Lamda as GPT-3 but it’s so much easier to imagine a strange loop of consciousness happening in the actual architecture. Plug in some nematode brain copies and start improving that aspect and it’ll be much more believable for us that it feels the buzz of consciousness with visceral, consistent qualia. Or what if its only buzz of existence is the essence of what it takes to play StarCraft? Not what I would have chosen as a human friendly basis for intelligence.

I can see the path the AGI as being as simple as plugging in Gato or another model striving to be more general, which they seemingly know not to do and are keeping underpowered for now. Interesting times. I remain optimistic.