Suggestions for naming a class of decision theories

In my re­cent post, I out­lined 5 con­di­tions that I’d like a de­ci­sion the­ory to pass; TDT, UDT and ADT pass them, while CDT and EDT don’t. I called de­ci­sion the­o­ries that passed those con­di­tions “ad­vanced de­ci­sion the­o­ries”, but that’s prob­a­bly not an op­ti­mal name. Can I ask you to brain­storm some other sug­ges­tions for me? (I may be writ­ing a fol­low-up soon.)

As usual, it’s best to brain­storm on your own be­fore read­ing any of the com­ments. You can write down your ideas, then check if any have already been sug­gested, then com­ment with the new ones.