Roadmap: Plan of Action to Prevent Human Extinction Risks

Let’s do an ex­per­i­ment in “re­verse crowd­fund­ing”. I will pay 50 USD to any­one who can sug­gest a new way of X-risk pre­ven­tion that is not already men­tioned in this roadmap. Post your ideas as a com­ment to this post.

Should more than one per­son have the same idea, the award will be made to the per­son who posted it first.

The idea must be en­dorsed by me and in­cluded in the roadmap in or­der to qual­ify, and it must be new, ra­tio­nal and con­sis­tent with mod­ern sci­en­tific data.

I may in­clude you as a co-au­thor in the roadmap (if you agree).

The roadmap is dis­tributed un­der an open li­cense GNU.

Pay­ment will be made by PayPal. The to­tal amount of the prize fund is 500 USD (to­tal 10 prizes).

The com­pe­ti­tion is open un­til the end of 2015.

The roadmap can be down­loaded as a pdf from:

UPDATE: I up­loaded new ver­sion of the map with changes marked in blue.