Discussion of LW going on in felicifia

So I recently found myself in a bit of an awkward position.

I frequent several Facebook discussion groups, several of which are about LW-related issues. In one of these groups, a discussion about identity/​cryonics led to one about the end Massimo Piglucci’s recent post (the bit where he says that the idea of uploading is a form of dualism), which turned into a discussion of LW views in general, at which point I revealed that I was, in fact, a LWer.

This put me in the awkward position of defending/​explicating the views of the entirety of LW. Now, I’ve only been reading LessWrong for <10 months, and I’ve only recently become a more active part of the community. I’ve been a transhumanist for less time than that, seriously thinking about cryonics and identity for even less, and I suddenly found myself speaking for the intersection of all those groups

The discussion was crossposted to Felicifia a few days ago, and I realized that I was possibly out of my depth. I’m hoping I haven’t grossly misrepresented anyone, but rereading the comments, I’m no longer sure.



Original FB Group :


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