Types of Boltzmann Brains

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If at least one type of BBs is mea­sure-dom­i­nat­ing, we are BBs. To ex­plore chances for that, we need a clas­sifi­ca­tion of the pos­si­ble BBs. Around 10 types of BBs so far iden­ti­fied and are listed in our ar­ti­cle “Types of Boltz­mann brains.”

How­ever, there it is not a big prob­lem to be a BB. Firstly, be­cause BB-ob­server-mo­ments could cre­ate chains, like in Egan’s “dust the­ory”, and these chains will look like nor­mal wor­lds. Se­cond, be­cause for any BB there is a real world mind in the same ob­server state (if any real world minds ex­ist).

Also, the ar­gu­ment for ran­dom­ness of ex­pe­riences of BBs is not work­ing, be­cause if you are a BB, you can’t make true judge­ments about the ran­dom­ness of the things you ob­serve. One could see com­pletely ran­dom mess and still think that it is in or­der.

Another source of non-ran­dom­ness in BBs is that they may be struc­tured as ran­dom neu­ral nets, be­cause it is needed to make an “act of ob­ser­va­tion”. A cat-dog clas­sifier would clas­sify any ran­dom in­put noise as ei­ther “cat” or “dog”, thus in­creas­ing the or­der­li­ness of the out­put, de­spite the ran­dom­ness of the in­put.

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