Things That Shouldn’t Need Pointing Out

To­day I learned that you can toast marsh­mal­lows in the oven.

By “learned”, I mean “I read a recipe which in­cluded as a step toast­ing marsh­mal­lows in the oven”. I didn’t have to try it out to re­al­ize that this would ob­vi­ously work. It was plain as soon as I heard the idea. And it shouldn’t have needed point­ing out. I know how ovens work. I am fa­mil­iar with the marsh­mal­low species of food. I love roasted marsh­mal­lows while hat­ing them in most other forms and of­ten oc­cur­rently lament the difficulty of ar­rang­ing open flames over which one may safely toast them. I rou­tinely try new things in the kitchen to get re­sults I want.

And yet I read it, and was sur­prised. And so were the peo­ple I re­ported this find­ing to. It needed point­ing out.

What other facts need point­ing out, al­though they are plain on in­spec­tion? What is the pat­tern be­hind these facts and a good way to find more?