San Francisco shares COVID data only when it’s too late

In the early months of the pandemic, San Francisco posted case and death counts on a daily basis. It was sometimes messy with significant corrections, but the city did the best they could (or at least better than most) to keep the public informed.

Around half a year ago, they got worse. Data is now published with a 5 day lag. Presumably, the politicians and decision makers get timely data. Everyone else has to wait.

This is not okay. This is very not okay. In the post vaccination but pre-Omicron days, I was annoyed philosophically. But now. Now?


Cases as of 12/21, as reported on 12/26Cases as of 12/21, as reported on 12/26

At this point, we’re fucked and it’s definitely over. But this is still not okay, and now I am furious. Anyone who wants to know the true state of the world cannot, unless they are On The Inside.

So, where is the pebble that starts an avalanche? Who do I need to Tweet or email or call to pressure the city into changing this?