LW Update 2018-12-06 – All Posts Page, Questions Page, Posts Item rework

First, an FYI – the LessWrong Team will be start­ing var­i­ous holi­day trips fairly soon. We’ll prob­a­bly still be do­ing some work and an­swer­ing in­ter­com, but may be more de­layed than usual over the next few weeks.

But, we also have a few more up­dates:

  • There is now a ques­tions page, if you’d like to just view the lat­est ques­tion posts. (this uses a new back­end view called “ques­tions” for those in­ter­ested in play­ing around with the API)

  • There is now a bare-bones All Posts page. We’ll prob­a­bly give it more fea­tures (i.e. sort­ing, fil­ter­ing) at some point. For now it just loads the most re­cent 100 posts in chronolog­i­cal or­der. It doesn’t have all the anti-spam filters that we’ve added to other sec­tions yet, so, um, watch out for that I guess.

  • Post Items have been re­worked a bit so it’s eas­ier to skim them for karma (while still try­ing to avoid mak­ing karma too visi­ble). Also added some tooltips for vote-counts, al­ign­ment fo­rum and word-count.