Simple embodied cognition hacks

I’ve known that the mind can be affected by the body’s actions, but I often forget this when sitting at my computer chair for long stretches, and when standing and interacting in social situations I’ve subconciously cultivated a passive, non-confrontational but minimally interactive posture. But simple physical actions can act as a mild nootropic for certain situations.

Article with citations: 10 Simple Postures that Boost Performance

Article summary:

1. Take a powerful pose to feel powerful

2. Tense muscles for willpower

3. Cross arms for persistence

4. Lie down for insight

5. Nap for cognitive performance, vigour and wakefulness

6. Hand gestures for persuasion

7. Gesture to self for comprehension and memory

8. Smile for happiness

9. Mimic to empathize

10. Imitate for comprehension and prediction