RAISE is looking for full-time content developers

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(Tldr: RAISE is setting up a high-effort content development team in Blackpool, with free accommodation and fully covered living expenses. If you are interested, fill in the form.)

It has been a month or 2 since RAISE decided to professionalize. As a result, we have received roughly $10.000 in funding.

This helped us bolster our production pipeline. We have a few new videos on the verge of publication, and a series of guides to prerequisite studies (authored by Erik and Trent) is being published here on LessWrong.

We as a team are glad that things are moving forward, and we feel encouraged to take it to the next level.

How far can we stretch 10k? In the Bay area, such an amount would sustain a small team for a month. That’s obviously not enough to fulfill our ambition of distilling the whole of AI Safety.

It’s clear that as a movement, basing all of our operations in the most expensive cities of the world is a mistake. There is undoubtedly an advantage to being near loci of innovation and wealth, but that doesn’t always apply. RAISE and AI Safety camp were started in the Netherlands, where EA and LessWrong communities are only taking baby steps.

It’s clear that, in order to maximize efficiency, one should outsource as much work as possible to places where living is cheap. Much the same as what competition-driven industrial companies are already doing in today’s globalized world.

That’s why RAISE has decided that, come September, it’s content production team will move to the EA hotel in Blackpool.

The hotel, as its main product, provides free living cost to anyone that autonomously works on an EA project. I was lucky to already know Greg when he launched this excellent initiative. We have been in contact since, and I’m going to live (and possibly work) at the hotel until (at least) February. Johannes Heidecke will (most likely) join me end October. We are looking for several highly motivated AI Safety talents to join our team, preferably for 3 months or longer.

While there, we hope to set up a high-focus office environment. Removing as many distractions as possible, optimizing it for creating content of the highest quality.
And we will make an extraordinary effort, shutting up to do the impossible.

If you’re interested, apply here. If you want to explore options, feel free to email us, and we can chat about it open-endedly.