Fire and Motion

Re­lated to: Ex­treme Ra­tion­al­ity: It’s Not That Great

On the re­cent top­ics of “ra­tio­nal­ity is all very well but how do we trans­late un­der­stand­ing into win­ning?” and “isn’t akra­sia the most com­mon limit­ing fac­tor?”, one of the best (non-re­cent) ar­ti­cles on prac­ti­cal ra­tio­nal­ity that I’ve come across is:


In­ter­est­ingly, it uses a differ­ent kind of mar­tial art as a metaphor. I con­jec­ture it to be the sort of metaphor that just works well for hu­mans.

(Most of Spolsky’s posts are good read­ing even if you’re not a pro­gram­mer. I’m not in the New York real es­tate mar­ket but I still en­joyed his posts on that topic. He’s just that good a writer.)