A Proposal for a Simpler Solution To All These Difficult Observations and Problems

I am not perfectly sure how this site has worked (al­though I skimmed the “tu­to­ri­als”) and I am no­to­ri­ous for not un­der­stand­ing sys­tems as eas­ily and quickly as the gen­eral pub­lic might. At the same time I sus­pect a place like this is for me, for what I can offer but also for what I can re­ceive (ie I in­tend on (fully) travers­ing the var­i­ous canons).

I also value com­pres­sion and time in this sense, and so I think I can pro­pose a sub­ject that might serve as an “ideal in­tro­duc­tion” (I have an ac­cu­rate mean­ing for this phrase I won’t in­tro­duce atm).

I’ve read a lot of posts/​blogs/​pa­pers that are ar­gu­ments which are founded on a cer­tain difficul­ties, where the ob­ser­va­tion and ad­mis­sion of this difficulty leads the au­thor and the reader (and per­haps the origi­na­tor of the prob­lem/​solu­tion out­lines) to defer to some form of a (rel­a­tive to what will fol­low) long winded solu­tion.

I would like to sug­gest, as a blan­ket ob­ser­va­tion and pro­posal, that most of these difficult prob­lems de­scribed, es­pe­cially on a site like this, are eas­ily solv­able with the in­tro­duc­tion of an ob­jec­tive and ul­tra-sta­ble met­ric for val­u­a­tion.

I think maybe at first this will seem like an empty pro­posal. I think then, and also, some will see it as dev­ilry (which I doubt any­one here thinks ex­ists). And I think I will be ac­cused of many of the fal­la­cies and pit­falls that have already been pre­vi­ously warned about in the canons.

That lat­ter point I think might sug­gest that I might learn well and fast from this post as in­ter­ested and helpful peo­ple can point me to spe­cific ar­ti­cles and I WILL read them with sincere in­tent to un­der­stand them (so far they are very well writ­ten in the sense that I feel I un­der­stand them be­cause they are sim­ple enough) and I will ask ques­tions.

But I also think ul­ti­mately it will be shown that my pro­posal and my un­der­stand­ing of it doesn’t re­ally fall to any of these traps, and as I learn the canon­i­cal ar­gu­ments I will be able to show how my pro­posal prop­erly ad­dresses them.