Do we Share a Definition for the word “ideal”?

Re­lated: A Pro­posal for a Sim­pler Solu­tion To All Th­ese Difficult Ob­ser­va­tions and Problems

Per­haps this will be seen as spam and that I have bro­ken a rule of pro­pri­ety, but my pre­vi­ous dis­cus­sion has already served its pur­pose and I think will con­tinue to do so. I needed it as an open di­alogue to get a gen­eral idea of what the im­pli­ca­tions of a sta­ble met­ric for value would be (ie it would solve many oth­er­wise difficult to solve prob­lems).

In re­la­tion to such a unit of value, I would like to ask what is your defi­ni­tion of the word “ideal”. On the sur­face this ques­tion might seem empty, but I of­ten ob­serve with peo­ple that we don’t all share the same mean­ing for the word, and that the dis­crep­ancy is sig­nifi­cant.

Do we have a shared mean­ing for this word?