Request for advices on small presentation about LW community

In a cou­ple of weeks I’ll be giv­ing a small (~50m) pre­sen­ta­tion about LW com­mu­nity on “so­cial sci­ences sun­day” in Saint Peters­burg.

Tar­get au­di­ence—stu­dents, teach­ers and young re­cearcher mostly from so­cial sci­ences and hu­man­i­ties.

I’m plan­ning to at least men­tion in pass­ing:

1) ra­tio­nal­ity: episte­molog­i­cal and prac­ti­cal division

2) virtues of rationality

3) big part of learn­ing is by osmosis

4) about se­quences ⇒ some ideas I found en­gag­ing (but those that are at the same time would be eas­ier to ex­plain in 10 min­utes)- definetely about in­fer­en­tial dis­tances and look­ing wise

maybe men­tion Mil­grams ex­per­i­ments or anec­dote about Pain and Gain motivation

5) study hall (I tried it just for a bit), mee­tups, re­lated pro­jects—CFAR (any­thing else?), In­ter­na­tional In­sights, slat­estar­codex?

There is also this:

I’m not sure LW is a good en­try point for peo­ple who are turned away by a few tech­ni­cal terms. Re­spond­ing to un­fa­mil­iar sci­en­tific con­cepts with an im­me­di­ate surge of cu­ri­os­ity is prob­a­bly a trait I share with the ma­jor­ity of LW’ers.

I am go­ing to spend some more time pre­pairing and would prob­a­bly have some good ideas, but I would be re­ally great to have opinions from oth­ers. Am I miss­ing some­thing? Or if any­one had rele­vant ex­pe­rience?