[Question] Learning Abstract Math from First Principles?

I find that I am usu­ally quite good at ap­plied math, and en­joy it. I am tak­ing a course cur­rently that is split into two parts, Vec­tor Calcu­lus and Com­plex Anal­y­sis. The vec­tor calcu­lus makes sense to me and I can see how and why it works, and I find it in­ter­est­ing and en­joy­able to learn.

On the other hand, I spend quite a bit of men­tal en­ergy wrap­ping my head around the hows and whys of the more ab­stract com­plex anal­y­sis. I am not sure if I en­joy ab­stract math or not in gen­eral be­cause I do not un­der­stand it as well. So, my ques­tion: Does any­one have any recom­mended re­sources for learn­ing (any) ab­stract math­e­mat­i­cal topic from first prin­ci­ples, that ex­plains rea­son­ably well what’s go­ing on with the math, rather than just how to do it?

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