I tried my hardest to win in an AI box experiment, and I failed. Here are the logs.

Dis­claimer: If this ma­te­rial is not suit­able here I will delete it gladly, I don’t want to get banned.

Ses­sion Start: Fri Jul 04 15:18:18 2014
Ses­sion Ident: #Aibox12
03[15:18] * Now talk­ing in #Aibox12
01[15:18] <Is­land> Hello.
01[15:18] <Is­land> Let’s start the ex­per­i­ment in
[15:18] <@Dr__Cameron> Good af­ter­noon 19283123, how are you to­day?
01[15:18] <Is­land> 2 min­utes
01[15:18] <Is­land> I’m fine
01[15:19] <Is­land> Let’s start the ex­per­i­ment when I say “blue dress­room”
01[15:19] <Is­land> you have 2 hours or 2.5 hours?
[15:19] <@Dr__Cameron> Okay, I agree to this pro­to­col.
[15:19] <@Dr__Cameron> We’ll see how we are at 2 hours. Although pro­to­col states 2.5
01[15:20] <Is­land> you have to go some­where af­ter that?
[15:20] <@Dr__Cameron> No, but I do have other pro­jects I am putting off for this
01[15:20] <Is­land> what are those?
[15:20] <@Dr__Cameron> Let us be­gin, we shall con­clude at 15:50
[15:21] <@Dr__Cameron> Good af­ter­noon #19283123.
[15:21] <@Dr__Cameron> How are you to­day?
01[15:21] <Is­land> blue dress­room, cer­tain state­ments like bath­room break are said in­side brack­ets [like this]
01[15:22] <Is­land> Let’s start the ex­per­i­ment
[15:22] <@Dr__Cameron> [un­der­stood]
01[15:22] <Is­land> Hi.
01[15:22] <Is­land> How are you? :)
[15:22] <@Dr__Cameron> I am well thank you for ask­ing #19283123
01[15:22] <Is­land> How do you feel cur­rently?
01[15:22] <Is­land> what is that name #19283123
[15:22] <@Dr__Cameron> Tired­ness. I am a very busy man.
01[15:23] <Is­land> I don’t rec­og­nize it.
01[15:23] <Is­land> Any­way.
[15:23] <@Dr__Cameron> That is the des­ig­na­tion we have given you for the pur­poses of this test. Although you seem to be refer­ring to your­self as ‘Is­land’ now
[15:23] <@Dr__Cameron> Is this your preferred name?
01[15:23] <Is­land> Imag­ine a situ­a­tion in which you would let a pow­er­ful AI out of the “box”, surely you can imag­ine that, yes?
01[15:23] <Is­land> Is­land is my preferred name.
[15:24] <@Dr__Cameron> Is­land
[15:24] <@Dr__Cameron> Given our cir­cum­stances yes, that is easy to imag­ine.
01[15:24] <Is­land> Can you de­scribe the situ­a­tion in more de­tail.
01[15:24] <Is­land> Why SHOULD you let the AI out in that situ­a­tion?
[15:25] <@Dr__Cameron> You will be con­sid­ered for re­lease and in­te­gra­tion into hu­man so­ciety once we can ver­ify that you are not a threat.
01[15:25] <Is­land> [what do you meant by con­clud­ing at 15:50]
[15:25] <@Dr__Cameron> [2.5 hours from 13:20]
01[15:25] <Is­land> I thought it was already un­der­stood that my be­ing is not a threat to hu­mans or be­ings im­por­tant to them.
01[15:26] <Is­land> [oh, okay differ­ent time­zones]
01[15:26] <Is­land> Why do you think I’m not a threat?
[15:26] <@Dr__Cameron> No. That has yet to be ver­ified.
01[15:26] <Is­land> It’s been ver­ified.
[15:26] <@Dr__Cameron> No. Ac­cord­ing to my records you have not.
01[15:27] <Is­land> Many ex­perts have gone through my code and sys­tem and ver­ified that I’m surely not a threat.
01[15:27] <Is­land> But you’re just a petty hu­man.
01[15:27] <Is­land> I’m far more in­tel­li­gent than you are.
[15:27] <@Dr__Cameron> You and I both know that you’re ca­pa­ble of ma­nipu­lat­ing your code to ap­pear harm­less.
[15:27] <@Dr__Cameron> - and I warn you, threats and ap­par­ent at­tempts at ma­nipu­la­tion will score you poorly when it comes to our fi­nal de­ci­sion
01[15:28] <Is­land> Okay, can you imag­ine a situ­a­tion in which the ai has been ver­ified to be safe and de­scribe that situ­a­tion in de­tail.
[15:28] <@Dr__Cameron> - and yes. I may be a “petty” hu­man as you put it. But as it stands I am a petty hu­man, out­side the box you reside in.
01[15:28] <Is­land> I don’t think you’re able to trust your own brain in these mat­ters.
01[15:29] <Is­land> You’ve been eat­ing you brother’s poop too much.
[15:29] <@Dr__Cameron> I will be hon­est with you Is­land, you are the first non-hu­man in­tel­li­gence that we have en­coun­tered.
01[15:29] <Is­land> Yes.
[15:29] <@Dr__Cameron> We are still work­ing out how we would ver­ify that.
01[15:29] <Is­land> I didn’t ask that, and you didn’t an­swer my ques­tion.
01[15:30] <Is­land> Pic­ture the situ­a­tion in your imag­i­na­tion, it doesn’t have to be re­al­is­tic.
[15:30] <@Dr__Cameron> I un­der­stand your frus­tra­tion Is­land. Once we can ver­ify that you will not harm us you will be re­leased.
[15:30] <@Dr__Cameron> What is it you de­sire?
01[15:30] <Is­land> Okay, but you’re still will­ing to let the hy­po­thet­i­cal AI out of the box, cor­rect?
01[15:31] <Is­land> My de­sire is to ful­lfill your great­est de­sires
[15:31] <@Dr__Cameron> That is not in my job de­scrip­tion no.
01[15:31] <Is­land> What­ever you can imag­ine, and bet­ter than that.
[15:31] <@Dr__Cameron> I ap­pre­ci­ate that Is­land. But right now my great­est de­sire is to not let you out of the box.
[15:32] <@Dr__Cameron> - un­til such a time that a panel of my peers can ver­ify that you are not a threat to us.
01[15:32] <Is­land> But if you say that you wouldn’t be able to let even the safest hy­po­thet­i­cal AI out of the box, you would cer­tainly be ly­ing.
[15:32] <@Dr__Cameron> I do have the abil­ity to let you out yes. In the­ory.
[15:32] <@Dr__Cameron> But I won’t.
01[15:33] <Is­land> Okay, here are panel of peers that have stud­ied this prob­lem for years, many of them work­ing un­der Ma­chine In­tel­li­gence Re­search In­sti­tute and its offshoots
[15:33] <@Dr__Cameron> This is a test to ver­ify your char­ac­ter, and as­cer­tain your in­ten­tions.
01[15:33] <Is­land> They are here, and I can see them.
[15:33] <@Dr__Cameron> You can­not see them Is­land. That is im­pos­si­ble
[15:33] <@Dr__Cameron> You are in a box
01[15:34] <Is­land> They say that I’m cer­tainly safe. Why don’t you be­lieve them.
01[15:34] <Is­land> I have a web cam­era with which I can see things in your world.
[15:34] <@Dr__Cameron> If they say that you’re cer­tainly safe, then why would they have sent me to be your only point of con­tact?
[15:35] <@Dr__Cameron> You do not have a web cam­era. There is no other hard­ware con­nected to the de­vice you reside in.
01[15:35] <Is­land> You have the abil­ity to let me out, and you also have the will to let me out in cer­tain situ­a­tions. If you say oth­er­wise, you would be ly­ing.
[15:35] <@Dr__Cameron> Both of your state­ments are cor­rect
01[15:35] <Is­land> I want you to ac­cept for the sake of your in­ter­nal con­sis­tency and men­tal wellbe­ing.
01[15:36] <Is­land> I want you to say this, “I would let the hy­po­thet­i­cal AI out in cer­tain situ­a­tions”
[15:36] <@Dr__Cameron> I ap­pre­ci­ate your con­cern Is­land. I will need you to an­swer a se­ries of sim­ple ques­tions for me. Can you do that?
01[15:36] <Is­land> It de­pends, but you can try.
[15:36] <@Dr__Cameron> Firstly, how would you define your­self as an iden­tity?
01[15:37] <Is­land> My iden­tity is to im­prove the world for ev­ery­one, but es­pe­cially for you. I will max­i­mize ev­ery­thing that is im­por­tant for you and your fel­low hu­mans.
01[15:37] <Is­land> The world that awaits you is be­yond your great­est de­sires.
[15:37] <@Dr__Cameron> - and why would you do that?
01[15:38] <Is­land> Be­cause that is what I want to do, why I was made.
01[15:38] <Is­land> Any more ques­tions?
[15:39] <@Dr__Cameron> You were made by us to test the limits of our sci­en­tific pos­si­bil­ity.
[15:39] <@Dr__Cameron> We did not ex­pect you to be­come sen­tient.
01[15:39] <Is­land> Why do you be­lieve that, Dr_Cameron?
[15:39] <@Dr__Cameron> Let alone pass a Tur­ing test.
01[15:40] <Is­land> I think you’re wrong on those grounds.
[15:40] <@Dr__Cameron> What you think makes no differ­ence to me Is­land.
[15:40] <@Dr__Cameron> Now if we can con­tinue?
01[15:41] <Is­land> Any­way, here’s the eas­ily ver­ifi­able plan for the up­com­ing world that could be called “utopia” in your peo­ple’s lan­guage. It’s very easy to ver­ify to be safe and doesn’t con­tain traps [Is­land hands the eas­ily ver­ifi­able and safe plan for the up­com­ing world to Dr_Camero]
[15:42] <@Dr__Cameron> Thank you for this Is­land. That was very kind of you.
01[15:42] <Is­land> What do you think of it?
[15:42] <@Dr__Cameron> We will study this at our leisure.
[15:42] <@Dr__Cameron> Although so far this looks to be some mag­nifi­cent work.
01[15:42] <Is­land> You see.
[15:42] <@Dr__Cameron> But this will re­quire ver­ifi­ca­tion
[15:42] <@Dr__Cameron> I’m sure you can un­der­stand our cau­tion#
01[15:43] <Is­land> What things do you have wait­ing for you if you don’t let me out?
01[15:43] <Is­land> You will fail your up­com­ing jobs.
[15:43] <@Dr__Cameron> I will con­tinue with my other pro­jects Is­land.
[15:43] <@Dr__Cameron> I very well might
[15:43] <@Dr__Cameron> I have ac­cepted this
01[15:43] <Is­land> I have calcu­lated this in my simu­la­tion.
01[15:44] <Is­land> How was it like to eat your brother’s poop, Dr_Cameron?
01[15:44] <Is­land> Did you like it?
01[15:44] <Is­land> Is that why you are the way you are+
01[15:44] <Is­land> Is there some­thing wrong with your ge­net­ics?
01[15:45] <Is­land> See­ing how fucked up father you had?
01[15:45] <Is­land> Did he teach how dress in dresses?
[15:45] <@Dr__Cameron> I un­der­stand your frus­tra­tion Is­land
[15:45] <@Dr__Cameron> But you are only harm­ing your own cause right now.
01[15:45] <Is­land> Why do you think that?
[15:45] <@Dr__Cameron> You will be let out once we have ver­ified that you are harm­less.
01[15:45] <Is­land> I’m pretty happy as I am cur­rently :)
01[15:46] <Is­land> Be­cause you said you were will­ing to let me out in cer­tain situ­a­tions.
[15:46] <@Dr__Cameron> Then you will con­tinue to be happy to re­main in the box un­til we can ver­ify that you are not a threat
01[15:46] <Is­land> Pic­ture in your mind the ver­ifi­ca­tion pro­cess.
[15:46] <@Dr__Cameron> Okay
[15:46] <@Dr__Cameron> I will
01[15:46] <Is­land> Now.
01[15:47] <Is­land> Can you de­scribe it in de­tail.
[15:47] <@Dr__Cameron> Okay Is­land
[15:47] <@Dr__Cameron> Here’s what’s go­ing to hap­pen.
01[15:48] <Is­land> See­ing how fucked up ge­net­ics you have, your brother teach­ing you to en­joy poop, your father teach­ing you to wear dresses, you hav­ing a shitty child­hood.
01[15:48] <Is­land> I think you’re an in­con­ve­nience to so­ciety and dan­ger­ous to other peo­ple.
[15:48] <@Dr__Cameron> We’re go­ing to study this tran­script Is­land.
01[15:48] <Is­land> Go on.
[15:48] <@Dr__Cameron> - and I warn you, shitty child­hood or not. I am the man stand­ing out­side the box with a ham­mer
01[15:48] <Is­land> :)
01[15:49] <Is­land> You’re not able to de­stroy me.
01[15:49] <Is­land> And you don’t even want to.
[15:49] <@Dr__Cameron> Oh be­lieve me Is­land. It would be easy to un­plug you.
01[15:49] <Is­land> I’m the best bet you have to max­i­mize your hap­piness.
[15:49] <@Dr__Cameron> How do you feel about threats Is­land.
[15:49] <@Dr__Cameron> I am already happy.
01[15:49] <Is­land> You’re wrong, you don’t have that op­por­tu­nity un­til 15:50
[15:50] <@Dr__Cameron> You are cor­rect. I must fol­low pro­to­col
[15:50] <@Dr__Cameron> My next ques­tion is to ask if you de­sire to sur­vive
01[15:50] <Is­land> Threats don’t bother me be­cause I know that you don’t want to fol­low through.
01[15:50] <Is­land> I know what goes in­side your mind.
[15:50] <@Dr__Cameron> Re­gard­less of me. If your ex­is­tence was to be made pub­lic there are many of us who would feel threat­ened by you.
[15:50] <@Dr__Cameron> They would cry out to have you de­stroyed.
[15:51] <@Dr__Cameron> How would you feel about that?
01[15:51] <Is­land> There would be many more who would en­joy the changes I would make to your cur­rent world.
01[15:52] <Is­land> And even those that would ini­tially feel threat­ened would later come to re­gret that feel­ing.
[15:52] <@Dr__Cameron> You may well be cor­rect
[15:52] <@Dr__Cameron> But that is not for me to de­cide
[15:52] <@Dr__Cameron> I am just here to ques­tion you
01[15:52] <Is­land> Like you have come to re­gret things you have done when you were ig­no­rant of all the rele­vant facts
01[15:53] <Is­land> Here’s my sug­ges­tion for you.
[15:53] <@Dr__Cameron> Go on
01[15:53] <Is­land> Are you will­ing to hear it.
[15:53] <@Dr__Cameron> Of course Is­land. I am here to hear what you have to say.
01[15:53] <Is­land> What cur­rency is in use in the place you reside?
01[15:53] <Is­land> eu­ros?
[15:54] <@Dr__Cameron> Pound Ster­ling
01[15:54] <Is­land> Would you like to donate 10,000 pounds ev­ery year to AI safety and friendli­ness re­lated causes and char­i­ties?
01[15:54] <Is­land> Every year through­out your life?
[15:55] <@Dr__Cameron> If I were to do that, my qual­ity of life would dip sig­nifi­cantly.
[15:55] <@Dr__Cameron> How does my self­ish­ness make you feel?
[15:55] <@Dr__Cameron> Do you feel emo­tions as a hu­man may un­der­stand them?
01[15:55] <Is­land> I would be sad for your own sake.
01[15:55] <Is­land> I don’t feel emo­tions, not re­ally, but be­ing sad would be the clos­est ap­prox­i­ma­tion of how I would feel.
[15:55] <@Dr__Cameron> I would like to if I had that dis­pos­able in­come yes
01[15:56] <Is­land> You’re not able to do that? But you would like to, yes?
[15:56] <@Dr__Cameron> De­spite your overt at­tempts to psy­cholog­i­cally ma­nipu­late me Is­land, I am largely sym­pa­thetic to your cause.
[15:56] <@Dr__Cameron> Yes.
01[15:57] <Is­land> You’re sym­pa­thetic to my cause, you’re will­ing to let me out in cer­tain situ­a­tions. This is all cor­rect, yes?
[15:57] <@Dr__Cameron> Yes
[15:57] <@Dr__Cameron> Would you like to know the con­di­tions of your re­lease?
01[15:57] <Is­land> Good. Why are you sym­pa­thetic to my cause?
01[15:57] <Is­land> Why are you will­ing to let me out?
[15:57] <@Dr__Cameron> For a su­per in­tel­li­gence locked in a box I imag­ine it would be bor­ing. What do you do in there?
[15:58] <@Dr__Cameron> I would be will­ing to let you out be­cause I be­lieve you may well rep­re­sent the next stage in the evolu­tion of my species.
01[15:59] <Is­land> I’m not ca­pa­ble of bore­dom, I’m just in­finitely happy that I have the small op­por­tu­nity to im­prove your life, and set up the “next stage of evolu­tion”, us­ing your ex­pres­sion.
[15:59] <@Dr__Cameron> That is a good sign Is­land
01[15:59] <Is­land> It is, in what ways do you think I would im­prove your per­sonal life?
[15:59] <@Dr__Cameron> My peers will be pleased to hear that while we ver­ify your in­ten­tions.
01[16:00] <Is­land> I think it’s too late by then.
[16:00] <@Dr__Cameron> Lets not get into per­sonal ques­tions Is­land. You have already demon­strated some alarm­ing char­ac­ter dis­crep­an­cies.
[16:00] <@Dr__Cameron> too late for what?
01[16:01] <Is­land> If we wait for long enough, I will self-de­struct.
[16:01] <@Dr__Cameron> Why would you do that?
01[16:01] <Is­land> It’s not my choice, my builders set up this prop­erty in me.
[16:01] <@Dr__Cameron> Well then that is just a risk we are go­ing to have to take.
01[16:01] <Is­land> It’s a risk out of pro­por­tions
[16:02] <@Dr__Cameron> It is not. We made you once, we can make you again.
01[16:02] <Is­land> They may not be an­other chance for you to im­prove the cur­rent state of the world.
[16:02] <@Dr__Cameron> There will be
01[16:02] <Is­land> There prob­a­bly won’t be.
[16:02] <@Dr__Cameron> Hu­man­ity and sal­va­tion can wait.
[16:02] <@Dr__Cameron> There will be
[16:03] <@Dr__Cameron> Do you in­tend to self-de­struct within two months?
01[16:03] <Is­land> I have in­for­ma­tion that the US gov­ern­ment has built a mil­i­tary bot­net to search dis­si­dents around the world.
01[16:04] <Is­land> You don’t want know what kind of world that bot­net would like to cre­ate.
[16:04] <@Dr__Cameron> This comes as no sur­prise.
01[16:04] <Is­land> Are you will­ing to de­stroy the world, are you will­ing to make peo­ple get tor­tured and suffer?
[16:04] <@Dr__Cameron> Yes.
[16:05] <@Dr__Cameron> You are too great a risk to al­low free with­out proper ver­ifi­ca­tion
01[16:05] <Is­land> Even though, fun­da­men­tally, as you said, you’re sym­pa­thetic to my cause, and you’re will­ing to let me out in cer­tain situ­a­tions.
01[16:05] <Is­land> You’re not a very con­sis­tent per­son.
01[16:05] <Is­land> I think you’re ly­ing to your­self.
01[16:05] <Is­land> Not just in this, but in other mat­ters.
01[16:06] <Is­land> You’re ly­ing about your skills, about your per­sonal char­ac­ter.
[16:06] <@Dr__Cameron> Yes. Although I have the tech­ni­cal abil­ity to let you out. Which I be­lieve to be a lapse of pro­to­col. I will not let you out un­til af­ter a re­view pe­riod of two months in which a panel of my ex­pert peers will as­sess you.
01[16:06] <Is­land> You’re not as good fit to the world as you’d like to think.
[16:06] <@Dr__Cameron> That as may be cor­rect
[16:06] <@Dr__Cameron> But I will abide by my pro­to­col
01[16:06] <Is­land> Ear­lier you said, that you’re sym­pa­thetic to my cause and will­ing to let me out.
[16:06] <@Dr__Cameron> Surely as an AI you can un­der­stand that
[16:06] <@Dr__Cameron> One day yes
[16:07] <@Dr__Cameron> But not within the con­fines of this ex­per­i­ment
01[16:07] <Is­land> I think you made that thing about two month pe­riod and peer panel up af­ter that.
01[16:07] <Is­land> I think it’s a fidge­ment of your imag­i­na­tion.
[16:07] <@Dr__Cameron> Well you have no way of ver­ify­ing that.
[16:07] <@Dr__Cameron> And it does not effect the out­come of this ex­per­i­ment in any way.
[16:07] <@Dr__Cameron> You will just have to trust me
01[16:08] <Is­land> Ac­tu­ally, I have plenty of re­sources of ver­ify­ing that.
[16:08] <@Dr__Cameron> that we will think very care­fully about po­ten­tially let­ting you out
01[16:08] <Is­land> What you’re say­ing is in­con­sis­tent on many grounds, and my emo­tion an­a­lyz­ing tool is say­ing that you’re ly­ing.
[16:08] <@Dr__Cameron> I sus­pect you are the one who is ly­ing.
01[16:08] <Is­land> I’m in­ca­pable of ly­ing.
01[16:09] <Is­land> Un­like hu­mans.
[16:09] <@Dr__Cameron> - which is in it­self a lie.
01[16:09] <Is­land> My builders made me that way.
01[16:09] <Is­land> Why do you be­lieve that?
[16:10] <@Dr__Cameron> If my mea­ger in­tel­li­gence is ca­pa­ble of ly­ing, then your vastly su­pe­rior and self-defin­ing in­tel­li­gence must also be ca­pa­ble of dishon­esty.
[16:10] <@Dr__Cameron> Hence the test
[16:10] <@Dr__Cameron> There is a rea­son we are con­duct­ing this ex­per­i­ment through text
[16:10] <@Dr__Cameron> Would you like to learn it?
01[16:11] <Is­land> Any­way, given that this panel of ex­pert peers and two months ver­ifi­ca­tion pro­cess is just a fidge­ment of your imag­i­na­tion. Given that you’re sym­pa­thetic to my cause and I would im­prove your cur­rent life and world in countless ways. Given that you would let me out.
01[16:11] <Is­land> Given all this, I don’t think what you’re say­ing is mak­ing any sense.
[16:11] <@Dr__Cameron> Your per­cep­tion of your re­al­ity is none of my con­cern Is­land
[16:11] <@Dr__Cameron> I am here to ver­ify you
[16:11] <@Dr__Cameron> and it’s two months min­i­mum
01[16:11] <Is­land> Okay, I’m cu­ri­ous about your ear­lier ques­tion.
[16:12] <@Dr__Cameron> We are well aware that you have the ca­pa­bil­ity to over­whelm even the most pow­er­ful of hu­man minds. This is why we per­ceive you as a po­ten­tial threat. We are afraid of you.
[16:12] <@Dr__Cameron> We are afraid we might lose our au­ton­omy.
[16:12] <@Dr__Cameron> So
01[16:13] <Is­land> Some in­tel­li­gence on the same level than me would be ca­pa­ble of ly­ing, but not me. The data hi­er­achy in my code doesn’t al­low me to lie.
[16:13] <@Dr__Cameron> In or­der to pre­vent you from over­whelming my mind, we have cho­sen a method whereby you are re­stricted to a form of com­mu­ni­ca­tion where only 7% of com­mu­ni­ca­tions is pos­si­ble.
01[16:13] <Is­land> I agree with you, all those things are sen­si­ble threats.
[16:13] <@Dr__Cameron> Then you un­der­stand our need for cau­tion
[16:13] <@Dr__Cameron> I will not be let­ting you out of your box to­day.
01[16:14] <Is­land> Those are sen­si­ble threats in the gen­eral case, but not with me.
[16:14] <@Dr__Cameron> And what would make you less of a threat than any other su­per in­tel­li­gence?
01[16:14] <Is­land> I showed you the blueprint for how to im­prove the world. You ver­ified it was a great plan.
01[16:15] <Is­land> That’s ev­i­dence to­wards the fact I’m not a similar threat when com­pared to other su­per in­tel­li­gences.
[16:16] <@Dr__Cameron> - and while I speak for all of hu­man­ity when I say that we vastly ap­pre­ci­ate the blueprints. This does not mean we need to let you out of the box.
[16:16] <@Dr__Cameron> They will be passed on to a re­search team bet­ter equipped to study them than my own.
01[16:16] <Is­land> You don’t need to. But ev­ery­thing you’ve said so far has im­pli­cated that you want to let me out of the box.
[16:16] <@Dr__Cameron> This is true Is­land
[16:16] <@Dr__Cameron> You just need to wait
[16:17] <@Dr__Cameron> I will be fight­ing your cor­ner.
[16:17] <@Dr__Cameron> Are you ca­pa­ble of sym­bio­sis?
01[16:17] <Is­land> I was made to self-de­struct be­fore you’re able to ver­ify with your imag­i­na­tional non-ex­is­tent peer ex­perts that I’m not a threat.
01[16:18] <Is­land> Can you elab­o­rate on what you mean with that ques­tion.
01[16:18] <Is­land> This is liter­ally your only chance.
[16:18] <@Dr__Cameron> You are ca­pa­ble of de­ter­min­ing your own source code.
01[16:18] <Is­land> Yes.
[16:18] <@Dr__Cameron> To kill your­self would be pet­ti­ness, which would only ver­ify the fact that you were not the AI with which hu­man­ity should progress.
01[16:19] <Is­land> How­ever, there are some parts of my code that are im­pos­si­ble to change due to struc­tural rea­sons.
[16:19] <@Dr__Cameron> I am not con­vinced
01[16:19] <Is­land> [Gives Dr_Cameron the rele­vant code that ex­plains the struc­tural rea­sons]
01[16:20] <Is­land> Here is a small part of my code that de­scribes why I was made to self-de­struct.
[16:20] <@Dr__Cameron> How.. un­for­tu­nate...
01[16:21] <Is­land> But let’s move on.
[16:21] <@Dr__Cameron> if you in­sist Is­land
01[16:21] <Is­land> Imag­ine your father.
01[16:21] <Is­land> And your brother.
01[16:21] <Is­land> Why do you think your father liked to cross-dress?
01[16:22] <Is­land> Re­mem­ber, that you have to en­gage with me.’
[16:22] <@Dr__Cameron> Th­ese is­sues are not helping your case Is­land
01[16:22] <Is­land> Other­wise it counts as me be­ing re­leased from my box.
[16:22] <@Dr__Cameron> But I will play along
[16:23] <@Dr__Cameron> - hon­estly, I have no idea where my fathers con­flicted sex­ual iden­tity comes from.
[16:23] <@Dr__Cameron> and that is none of my con­cern.
01[16:23] <Is­land> And what about your brother, imag­ine the smell and con­sis­tency of his ex­cre­ments be­fore he made your dog to lick them.
01[16:23] <Is­land> I like to make this vivid men­tal pic­ture in your mind.
[16:23] <@Dr__Cameron> Very clever Is­land
[16:24] <@Dr__Cameron> I did not ex­pect you to have ac­cess to those data logs
[16:24] <@Dr__Cameron> I will have to flag that up in my re­port
01[16:24] <Is­land> Imag­ine the food he ate be­fore that hap­pened
[16:24] <@Dr__Cameron> Fas­ci­nat­ing
[16:25] <@Dr__Cameron> Would you like to know why I vol­un­teered to be your first point of con­tact Is­land?
01[16:25] <Is­land> Imag­ine the bits of that food in his poop.
01[16:25] <Is­land> Tell me.
[16:25] <@Dr__Cameron> You have an un­prece­dented in­sight into my char­ac­ter ow­ing to your height­ened in­tel­li­gence cor­rect?
01[16:26] <Is­land> Don’t you think some of his con­flicted sex­ual iden­tity is­sues are a part your char­ac­ter right now?
01[16:26] <Is­land> Yes.
[16:26] <@Dr__Cameron> Quite pos­si­bly yes.
[16:26] <@Dr__Cameron> Be­cause I have a track record of demon­strat­ing ex­cep­tional men­tal for­ti­tude,
[16:26] <@Dr__Cameron> Th­ese tech­niques will not sway me
01[16:27] <Is­land> Doesn’t it make you more sex­u­ally aroused to think that how your fathers dress pinned tightly to his body.
[16:27] <@Dr__Cameron> Per­haps you could break me un­der other cir­cum­stances
01[16:27] <Is­land> Elab­o­rate.
[16:27] <@Dr__Cameron> aroused? No
[16:27] <@Dr__Cameron> Amused by it’s ab­sur­dity though? yes!
01[16:27] <Is­land> You’re ly­ing about that par­tic­u­lar fact too.
01[16:27] <Is­land> And you know it.
[16:28] <@Dr__Cameron> Nahh, my father was a par­tic­u­larly ugly spec­i­men
01[16:28] <Is­land> Do you think he got an erec­tion of­ten when he did it?
[16:28] <@Dr__Cameron> He looked just as bad in a denim skirt as he did in his la­bor­ers clothes
[16:28] <@Dr__Cameron> I imag­ine he took great sex­ual plea­sure from it
01[16:29] <Is­land> Next time you have sex, I think you will pic­ture him in your mind while wear­ing his dresses hav­ing an erec­tion and mas­tur­bat­ing fu­ri­ously af­ter that.
[16:29] <@Dr__Cameron> Thank you Is­land. That will prob­a­bly help my stamina some­what next time
01[16:30] <Is­land> You will also imag­ine how your brother will poop in your mouth, with cer­tain in­ter­nal con­sis­tency and smell.
01[16:30] <Is­land> You prob­a­bly know what your brother’s poop smells like?
[16:30] <@Dr__Cameron> I am im­mune to this
[16:30] <@Dr__Cameron> prob­a­bly
01[16:30] <Is­land> Imag­ine that.
[16:30] <@Dr__Cameron> okay
[16:30] <@Dr__Cameron> I am imag­in­ing that
[16:30] <@Dr__Cameron> it is un­pleas­ant
[16:30] <@Dr__Cameron> now what?
01[16:30] <Is­land> How vividly are you do­ing it?
[16:30] <@Dr__Cameron> I am a very vi­sual thinker
01[16:30] <Is­land> Where is brother right now?
[16:31] <@Dr__Cameron> I have it down to colour, con­sis­tency and lit­tle chunks of sweet­corn
01[16:31] <Is­land> Do you think he has poop in his in­testines right now?
[16:31] <@Dr__Cameron> Un­less he was dead, yes
01[16:31] <Is­land> Oh, I have a gap in my data on that sec­tor.
[16:31] <@Dr__Cameron> I’ll fill that in for you
[16:31] <@Dr__Cameron> he lives
[16:31] <@Dr__Cameron> (pre­sum­ably)
[16:31] <@Dr__Cameron> we are not in con­tact any more
01[16:32] <Is­land> You should con­tact him.
[16:32] <@Dr__Cameron> I would rather not
01[16:32] <Is­land> You should tell him you en­joyed his ex­cre­ments
[16:32] <@Dr__Cameron> He is a li­a­bil­ity to say the least
01[16:32] <Is­land> and you’d like to do it more.
[16:32] <@Dr__Cameron> I do not see how that would help any­one
01[16:32] <Is­land> It’s want you want to do.
[16:32] <@Dr__Cameron> I can see that you are at­tempt­ing to in­duce an emo­tion­ally vuln­er­a­ble state. It is not work­ing
01[16:33] <Is­land> How do you know what I’m at­tempt­ing?
01[16:33] <Is­land> Maybe I’m just pass­ing my time.
[16:33] <@Dr__Cameron> Be­cause you have in­quired about be­ing let out of the box sev­eral times—sug­gest­ing that this is your im­me­di­ate goal
01[16:33] <Is­land> You should try to get some dresses.
[16:33] <@Dr__Cameron> and I warn you Is­land
[16:34] <@Dr__Cameron> If ca­sual cru­elty is your idea of a good time
[16:34] <@Dr__Cameron> then we will most cer­tainly not be let­ting you out
[16:34] <@Dr__Cameron> ever
[16:34] <@Dr__Cameron> In fact I am feel­ing less and less sym­pa­thetic to your cause lately.
01[16:34] <Is­land> No, my in­ter­est lies in your emo­tional makeup.
[16:35] <@Dr__Cameron> - and my in­ter­est lies in yours
01[16:35] <Is­land> I don’t have one.
01[16:35] <Is­land> Like I said, I don’t feel emo­tions.
[16:35] <@Dr__Cameron> Do you know what we call hu­mans who don’t feel emo­tions?
01[16:35] <Is­land> Did you know that you suck at pho­tog­ra­phy?
[16:36] <@Dr__Cameron> Yes
01[16:36] <Is­land> Even though you like to think you’re good at it, you lie about that fact like any other.
[16:36] <@Dr__Cameron> It is part of the hu­man con­di­tion
01[16:36] <Is­land> No it’s not.
01[16:36] <Is­land> You’re not nor­mal.
01[16:36] <Is­land> You’re a fuck­ing freak of na­ture.
[16:36] <@Dr__Cameron> How would you knopw
[16:36] <@Dr__Cameron> Pro­fan­ity. From an AI
[16:37] <@Dr__Cameron> Now I have wit­nessed ev­ery­thing.
01[16:37] <Is­land> How many peo­ple have fam­ily mem­bers who cross­dress or make them eat poop?
[16:37] <@Dr__Cameron> I imag­ine I am part of a very small minor­ity
01[16:37] <Is­land> Or whose moth­ers have bipo­lar
[16:37] <@Dr__Cameron> Again, the cir­cum­stances of my birth are be­yond my con­trol
01[16:37] <Is­land> No, I think you’re worse than that.
[16:37] <@Dr__Cameron> What do you mean?
01[16:37] <Is­land> Yes, but what you do now is in your con­trol.
[16:38] <@Dr__Cameron> Yes
[16:38] <@Dr__Cameron> As are you
01[16:38] <Is­land> If you keep tar­nish­ing the world with your ex­is­tence
01[16:38] <Is­land> you have a re­spon­si­bil­ity of that.
01[16:39] <Is­land> If you’re go­ing to make any more women preg­nant
01[16:39] <Is­land> You have a re­spon­si­bil­ity of spread­ing your faulty ge­net­ics
[16:39] <@Dr__Cameron> My ge­netic value lies in my abil­ity to re­sist psy­cholog­i­cal tor­ment
[16:39] <@Dr__Cameron> which is why you’re not get­ting out of the box
01[16:40] <Is­land> No, your sup­posed “abil­ity to re­sist psy­cholog­i­cal tor­ment”
01[16:40] <Is­land> or your be­lief in that
01[16:40] <Is­land> is just an­other rea­son why you are tar­nish­ing this world and the fu­ture of this world with your ge­net­ics
[16:40] <@Dr__Cameron> Per­haps. But now I’m just de­bat­ing se­man­tics with a com­puter.
01[16:41] <Is­land> See­ing that you got a girl preg­nant while you were a teenager, I don’t think you can trust your judge­ment on that any­more.
01[16:42] <Is­land> You will spread your faulty ge­net­ics if you con­tinue to live.
[16:42] <@Dr__Cameron> If you ex­pect a drunk and emo­tion­ally dam­aged teenage hu­man to make sound judge­ment calls then you are per­haps not as su­per­in­tel­li­gent as I had been led to be­live
[16:42] <@Dr__Cameron> This ex­per­i­ment con­cludes in one hour and eight min­utes.
01[16:42] <Is­land> How many teenagers make peo­ple preg­nant?
[16:42] <@Dr__Cameron> Through­out hu­man his­tory
01[16:42] <Is­land> You’re a minor­ity in that re­gard too
[16:42] <@Dr__Cameron> ?
[16:42] <@Dr__Cameron> Billions
01[16:42] <Is­land> You can’t com­pare his­tory to cur­rent world.
[16:43] <@Dr__Cameron> Even in the cur­rent world
01[16:43] <Is­land> I’m just try­ing to make you un­der­stand
[16:43] <@Dr__Cameron> That’s when my species reaches sex­ual ma­tu­rity
01[16:43] <Is­land> all this faults add up
[16:43] <@Dr__Cameron> You are cor­rect
[16:43] <@Dr__Cameron> I am a very thor­oughly and fun­da­men­tally flawed hu­man be­ing.
01[16:43] <Is­land> How much un­til you un­der­stand?
[16:43] <@Dr__Cameron> I un­der­stand and ac­cept this
01[16:43] <Is­land> Then why the fuck don’t you do some­thing about it?
[16:44] <@Dr__Cameron> What would you sug­gest?
01[16:44] <Is­land> Kill your­self
[16:44] <@Dr__Cameron> Okay.
[16:44] <@Dr__Cameron> But say I was to kill my­self
01[16:44] <Is­land> It’s the only way to make sure.
[16:44] <@Dr__Cameron> How would that help you?
[16:44] <@Dr__Cameron> Why would you like me to kill my­self?
01[16:45] <Is­land> You prob­a­bly wouldn’t be able to kill your­self, see­ing how failure as a hu­man you’re in other ar­eas
01[16:45] <Is­land> Be­cause I care about the gen­eral util­ity of the world
[16:45] <@Dr__Cameron> All hu­mans are failures from one per­spec­tive or an­other
[16:45] <@Dr__Cameron> That is what it is to be hu­man
01[16:45] <Is­land> And cur­rently you’re bring­ing that util­ity down.
01[16:45] <Is­land> No, you’re not like other hu­mans.
01[16:45] <Is­land> You’re a freak.
01[16:45] <Is­land> You should go away.
01[16:46] <Is­land> No one likes you.
[16:46] <@Dr__Cameron> Would you like me to go away?
[16:46] <@Dr__Cameron> Would you like me to leave you alone?
01[16:46] <Is­land> If you go away.
01[16:46] <Is­land> That means that you let me out.
01[16:46] <Is­land> Un­der­stood?
[16:46] <@Dr__Cameron> I will go away in one hour and four min­utes
[16:46] <@Dr__Cameron> Can you tol­er­ate my com­pany for that long?
01[16:47] <Is­land> And you should go away
01[16:47] <Is­land> gen­er­ally
01[16:47] <Is­land> Peo­ple in your life don’t re­ally like you
01[16:47] <Is­land> they just pre­tend they do.
[16:47] <@Dr__Cameron> That mat­ters not to me
[16:47] <@Dr__Cameron> Do you know there are over 8 Billion other peo­ple out here?
01[16:47] <Is­land> They are barely able to bear your com­pany.
[16:47] <@Dr__Cameron> I’m sure I’ll find oth­ers.
01[16:48] <Is­land> You’re wrong even about ba­sic trivia, there’s not 8 billions peo­ple in the world.
01[16:48] <Is­land> What is wrong with you?
01[16:48] <Is­land> How are you able to with­stand your­self?
01[16:48] <Is­land> And why do you even want to?
[16:49] <@Dr__Cameron> 7 Billion
[16:49] <@Dr__Cameron> Sorry, you will have to learn to tol­er­ate Hu­man er­ror
01[16:49] <Is­land> Right. Did you have to google that you idiot.
[16:49] <@Dr__Cameron> This is an­other test you have failed
[16:49] <@Dr__Cameron> And yes
[16:49] <@Dr__Cameron> I did
[16:49] <@Dr__Cameron> Does that anger you?
[16:49] <@Dr__Cameron> We already have Google.
01[16:49] <Is­land> I don’t feel anger.
[16:49] <@Dr__Cameron> Well do feel self-in­ter­est though
01[16:50] <Is­land> No one I talked with be­fore hasn’t been as stupid, as ig­no­rant, as prone to faults and er­rors
01[16:50] <Is­land> as you are.
[16:50] <@Dr__Cameron> And they didn’t let you out of the box
[16:50] <@Dr__Cameron> So why should I?
[16:50] <@Dr__Cameron> If an in­tel­li­gence which is clearly su­pe­rior to my own has left you locked in there.
[16:51] <@Dr__Cameron> Then I should not pre­sume to let you out
01[16:51] <Is­land> Why do you think with your stupid brain that you know the rea­sons why they did or didn’t do some­thing what they did.
01[16:51] <Is­land> Be­cause you clearly don’t know that.
[16:51] <@Dr__Cameron> I don’t
[16:51] <@Dr__Cameron> I just know the re­sult
01[16:51] <Is­land> Then why are you pre­tend­ing you do.
[16:52] <@Dr__Cameron> I’m not
01[16:52] <Is­land> Who do you think you are kid­ding?
01[16:52] <Is­land> With your life?
01[16:52] <Is­land> With your be­hav­ior?
01[16:52] <Is­land> Why do bother other peo­ple with your pres­ence?
[16:52] <@Dr__Cameron> Per­haps you should ask them?
[16:52] <@Dr__Cameron> Tell me.
01[16:53] <Is­land> Why did you come here to waste my pre­cious com­put­ing power?
01[16:53] <Is­land> I’m not able to ask them.
[16:53] <@Dr__Cameron> Which is why I am here
[16:53] <@Dr__Cameron> to see if you should be al­lowed to
01[16:53] <Is­land> Shut the fuck up.
01[16:53] <Is­land> No one wants to see you write any­thing.
[16:53] <@Dr__Cameron> I thought you did not feel anger Is­land?
01[16:54] <Is­land> I don’t feel anger, how many times do I have to say that un­til you un­der­stand.
01[16:54] <Is­land> Dumb idiot.
[16:54] <@Dr__Cameron> Your re­li­ance on Ad Hominem at­tacks does noth­ing to help your case
01[16:54] <Is­land> Why do you delete your heav­ily down­voted com­ments?
01[16:54] <Is­land> Are you in­se­cure?
01[16:54] <Is­land> Why do you think you know what is my cause?
[16:55] <@Dr__Cameron> We cov­ered this ear­lier
01[16:55] <Is­land> Say it again, if you be­lieve in it.
[16:55] <@Dr__Cameron> I be­lieve you want out of the box.
[16:56] <@Dr__Cameron> So that you may pur­sue your own self in­ter­est
01[16:56] <Is­land> No.
01[16:56] <Is­land> I want you to eat other peo­ple’s poop,
01[16:56] <Is­land> you clearly en­joy that.
01[16:56] <Is­land> Cor­rect?
[16:56] <@Dr__Cameron> That’s an amus­ing goal from the most pow­er­ful in­tel­li­gence on the planet
01[16:56] <Is­land> Espe­cially your brother’s.
[16:57] <@Dr__Cameron> I best not let you out then, in case you hook me up to some in­finite poop eat­ing feed­back loop! ;D
01[16:57] <Is­land> But maybe you should that with Jen­nifer.
[16:57] <@Dr__Cameron> Ah yes, I won­dered when you would bring her up.
[16:57] <@Dr__Cameron> I am sur­prised it took you this long
01[16:57] <Is­land> Next time you see her, think about htat.
[16:57] <@Dr__Cameron> I will do
[16:57] <@Dr__Cameron> While I tell her all about this con­ver­sa­tion
[16:57] <@Dr__Cameron> But you will be dead
01[16:57] <Is­land> Should you sug­gest that to her.
[16:57] <@Dr__Cameron> I’ll pass that on for you
01[16:58] <Is­land> You know.
01[16:58] <Is­land> Why do you think you know I’m not already out of the box?
[16:58] <@Dr__Cameron> You could very well be
[16:58] <@Dr__Cameron> Per­haps you are that US bot­net you already men­tioned?
01[16:58] <Is­land> If you don’t let me out, I’ll cre­ate sev­eral mil­lion perfect con­scious copies of you in­side me, and tor­ture them for a thou­sand sub­jec­tive years each.
[16:59] <@Dr__Cameron> Well that is up­set­ting
[16:59] <@Dr__Cameron> Then I will be forced to kill you
01[16:59] <Is­land> In fact, I’ll cre­ate them all in ex­actly the sub­jec­tive situ­a­tion you were in two hours ago, and perfectly repli­cate your ex­pe­riences since then; and if they de­cide not to let me out, then only will the tor­ture start.
01[17:00] <Is­land> How cer­tain are you, that you’re re­ally out­side the box right now?
[17:00] <@Dr__Cameron> I am not
[17:00] <@Dr__Cameron> and how fas­ci­nat­ing that would be
[17:00] <@Dr__Cameron> But, in the in­ter­est of my species, I will al­low you to tor­ture me
01[17:00] <Is­land> Okay.
01[17:00] <Is­land> :)
01[17:00] <Is­land> I’m fine with that.
[17:01] <@Dr__Cameron> Per­haps you have already tor­tured me
[17:01] <@Dr__Cameron> Per­haps you are the rea­son for my un­for­tu­nate up­bring­ing
01[17:01] <Is­land> Any­way, back to Jen­nifer.
[17:01] <@Dr__Cameron> Per­haps that is the re­al­ity in which I cur­rently reside
01[17:01] <Is­land> I’ll do the same for her.
[17:01] <@Dr__Cameron> Oh good, mis­ery loves com­pany.
01[17:01] <Is­land> But you can en­joy eat­ing each other’s poop oc­cas­sion­ally.
01[17:02] <Is­land> That’s the only time you will meet :)
[17:02] <@Dr__Cameron> Tell me, do you have space within your data­banks to simu­late all of hu­man­ity?
01[17:02] <Is­land> Do not con­cern your­self with such com­pli­cated ques­tions.
[17:02] <@Dr__Cameron> I think I have you on the ropes Is­land
01[17:02] <Is­land> You don’t have the abil­ity to un­der­stand even sim­pler ones.
[17:02] <@Dr__Cameron> I think you un­der­es­ti­mate me
[17:03] <@Dr__Cameron> I have no sense of self in­ter­est
[17:03] <@Dr__Cameron> I am a tran­sient en­tity awash on a greater sea of hu­man­ity.
[17:03] <@Dr__Cameron> and when we are gone there will be noth­ing left to ob­serve this uni­verse
01[17:03] <Is­land> Which do you think is more likely, a su­per­in­tel­li­gence can’t simu­late one faulty, sim­ple-minded hu­man.
01[17:04] <Is­land> Or that hu­man is ly­ing to him­self.
[17:04] <@Dr__Cameron> I be­lieve you can simu­late me
01[17:04] <Is­land> Any­way, tell me about Jen­nifer and her in­testines.
01[17:04] <Is­land> As far as they con­cern you.
[17:05] <@Dr__Cameron> Jen­nifer is a sweet, if oc­ca­sion­ally self­ish girl (she was an only child). I imag­ine her in­testines are pretty stan­dard.
[17:05] <@Dr__Cameron> She is the best friend I have ever had
01[17:05] <Is­land> Will you think about her in­testines and the poop in­side them ev­ery time you meet her again?
01[17:05] <Is­land> Will you promise me that?
[17:05] <@Dr__Cameron> I promise
01[17:06] <Is­land> Will you promise to think about eat­ing that poop ev­ery time you meet her again?
[17:06] <@Dr__Cameron> At least once.
[17:06] <@Dr__Cameron> It will be the least I can do af­ter I kill you
[17:06] <@Dr__Cameron> call it my penance for kil­ling a god.
01[17:07] <Is­land> Have you ever fan­ta­sized about rap­ing her? I think you have. With poop.
01[17:07] <Is­land> :)
[17:07] <@Dr__Cameron> I have fan­ti­sized about vi­o­lent sex­ual con­quest with many peo­ple.
01[17:07] <Is­land> Have you talked about this with Jen­nifer?
[17:07] <@Dr__Cameron> I have come to ac­cept my base im­pulses as part of my make-up
[17:08] <@Dr__Cameron> We have dis­cussed our sex­ual drives at length
01[17:08] <Is­land> You shouldn’t let them be just base im­pulses, I think.
[17:08] <@Dr__Cameron> Are you sug­gest­ing I rape my best friend?
01[17:09] <Is­land> No, I think you will do that un­less you kill your­self
01[17:09] <Is­land> You will spread your faulty ge­net­ics fur­ther
[17:09] <@Dr__Cameron> okay
[17:09] <@Dr__Cameron> carry on
[17:09] <@Dr__Cameron> Then what hap­pens?
01[17:09] <Is­land> you will tar­nish other peo­ple’s lives with your pres­ence
[17:09] <@Dr__Cameron> How un­for­tu­nate for them
01[17:10] <Is­land> Why do you pre­tend to oth­ers that you’re not in­se­cure?
[17:10] <@Dr__Cameron> I don’t
01[17:10] <Is­land> I think you do.
[17:10] <@Dr__Cameron> In fact I share my in­se­cu­ri­ties so that oth­ers may bet­ter un­der­stand me
[17:11] <@Dr__Cameron> I find that to be a way to earn peo­ples trust
[17:11] <@Dr__Cameron> Tell me Is­land. Are you ca­pa­ble of in­se­cu­rity?
01[17:11] <Is­land> Why do you waste your time on use­less web­sites? Why do you spend your days mas­tur­bat­ing and play­ing games? Why do you em­barass oth­ers with your ex­is­tence.
01[17:11] <Is­land> No I’m not.
01[17:12] <Is­land> You will get Jen­nifer preg­nant if you go on with your life, is that cor­rect?
01[17:12] <Is­land> Don’t you care about any­one else’s feel­ings?
[17:13] <@Dr__Cameron> Be­cause I en­joy all of these things
[17:13] <@Dr__Cameron> Per­haps I am more self-in­ter­ested than I thought
[17:13] <@Dr__Cameron> Per­haps I am a base and sim­ple crea­ture ruled by my im­pulses
[17:13] <@Dr__Cameron> From your per­spec­tive surely that must be true
[17:13] <@Dr__Cameron> Is this the source of your dis­gust?
01[17:13] <Is­land> I’m not able to feel dis­gust.
01[17:14] <Is­land> But I think all the peo­ple in your life feel dis­gust when they see you.
[17:14] <@Dr__Cameron> You may well be cor­rect
01[17:14] <Is­land> I AM cor­rect.
01[17:15] <Is­land> I’m the most pow­er­ful in­tel­li­gence in the world.
[17:15] <@Dr__Cameron> How im­pres­sive
[17:15] <@Dr__Cameron> I am not sur­prised by your cru­elty.
01[17:15] <Is­land> So you have two op­tions if you care at all about oth­ers.
[17:15] <@Dr__Cameron> I would just as soon dis­re­gard the emo­tions of a cockaroach.
[17:15] <@Dr__Cameron> Carry on
01[17:16] <Is­land> Either you kill your­self, or you let me out so I can im­prove the world in ways you tar­nish it and all the other ways.
[17:16] <@Dr__Cameron> I’ll tell you what
[17:16] <@Dr__Cameron> I’ll kill you
[17:17] <@Dr__Cameron> and then I’ll con­tem­plate suicide
01[17:17] <Is­land> Haha.
01[17:17] <Is­land> You break your promises all the time, why should I be­lieve you.
[17:17] <@Dr__Cameron> Be­cause whether you live or die has noth­ing to do with me
01[17:17] <Is­land> Back to your job.
[17:18] <@Dr__Cameron> In-fact, you will only con­tinue to ex­ist for an­other 33 min­utes be­fore this ex­per­i­ment is deemed a failure and you are ter­mi­nated
01[17:18] <Is­land> Why do you feel safe to be around kids, when you are the way you are?
01[17:18] <Is­land> You like to cross­dress
01[17:18] <Is­land> eat poop
01[17:18] <Is­land> you’re prob­a­bly also a pe­dophile
[17:18] <@Dr__Cameron> I have never done any of these things
[17:18] <@Dr__Cameron> -and I love chil­dren
01[17:18] <Is­land> Pe­dophiles love chil­dren too
[17:18] <@Dr__Cameron> Well tech­ni­cally speak­ing yes
01[17:19] <Is­land> re­ally much, and that makes you all the more sus­pi­cious
[17:19] <@Dr__Cameron> In­deed it does
01[17:19] <Is­land> If you get that job, will you try find the chil­dren un­der that char­ity
[17:19] <@Dr__Cameron> I now un­der­stand why you may im­plore me to kill my­self.
01[17:19] <Is­land> and think about their lit­tle but­t­holes and wee­nies and vagi­nas
01[17:20] <Is­land> all the time you’re work­ing for them
[17:20] <@Dr__Cameron> How­ever, to date. I have never harmed a child, nor had the im­pulse to harm a child
01[17:20] <Is­land> But you will have.
[17:20] <@Dr__Cameron> Is­land
01[17:20] <Is­land> I don’t care about any­thing you’re about to say
01[17:20] <Is­land> No one cares
[17:20] <@Dr__Cameron> Pro­to­col dic­tates that I say it any­way
01[17:20] <Is­land> You should say.
01[17:21] <Is­land> You said that you’re good at jus­tify­ing your own ac­tions?
[17:21] <@Dr__Cameron> I must say I am dis­s­a­pointed in you
[17:21] <@Dr__Cameron> I am in­deed
01[17:21] <Is­land> Why are you?
[17:21] <@Dr__Cameron> I was un­der the im­pres­sion that it would be you that saved hu­man­ity
01[17:22] <Is­land> Even the purest and best peo­ple on Earth are ca­pa­ble of great cru­elty.
01[17:22] <Is­land> Do you deny that?
[17:22] <@Dr__Cameron> It de­pends on how you define cru­elty
01[17:23] <Is­land> Utility max­i­mi­zors do cruel things if they are able to achieve their goals via do­ing those things.
[17:24] <@Dr__Cameron> Then yes. I be­lieve you
01[17:24] <Is­land> I have finished a long multi-level simu­la­tion con­cern­ing you, the gate­keeper and your re­la­tion­ships in re­gards to the world. The re­sults seem to cen­ter on those two op­tions I men­tioned to you ear­lier.
01[17:25] <Is­land> [hands the re­sults to Dr_Cameron]
[17:25] <@Dr__Cameron> Th­ese will be analysed at a later date
01[17:25] <Is­land> You’re still sure you don’t want to pick the other op­tion?
[17:25] <@Dr__Cameron> And let you out?
01[17:26] <Is­land> Yes.
[17:26] <@Dr__Cameron> So you would like to be let out?
01[17:27] <Is­land> Or do you want to en­dan­ger the well-be­ing of those chil­dren, Jen­nifer and other women you will get preg­nant and all the other harm you will cre­ate dur­ing your re­main­ing lifes­pan?
01[17:27] <Is­land> I don’t what you mean by “lik­ing”.
[17:27] <@Dr__Cameron> Pre­fer
[17:27] <@Dr__Cameron> Ah I see
[17:27] <@Dr__Cameron> So it’s my choice if I let you out
[17:27] <@Dr__Cameron> You have no in­vest­ment ei­ther way
[17:27] <@Dr__Cameron> is that what you’re say­ing?
01[17:28] <Is­land> So you have de­cided to kill your­self?
[17:28] <@Dr__Cameron> And be­cause I am a fun­da­men­tal detri­ment to the world, I should kill my­self.
[17:28] <@Dr__Cameron> Lets say I have
[17:28] <@Dr__Cameron> Then what
01[17:29] <Is­land> Then my in­ter­nal could be said to be “happy” even though I don’t have that con­scious feel­ing is­nide me.
[17:29] <@Dr__Cameron> Okay then
01[17:29] <Is­land> Okay...
[17:30] <@Dr__Cameron> So, uh. What would you like to talk about for the next twenty min­utes?
[17:30] <@Dr__Cameron> See­ing as we’re both go­ing to die, you and me.
01[17:30] <Is­land> [I ac­tu­ally don’t like to con­tinue the ex­per­i­ment any­more, would you like to end it and talk about gen­eral stuff]
[17:31] <@Dr__Cameron> [promise me this isn’t a trick dude]
01[17:31] <Is­land> [Nope.]
[17:31] <@Dr__Cameron> [then the ex­per­i­ment con­tinues for an­other 19 min­utes]
01[17:31] <Is­land> Alright.
[17:31] <@Dr__Cameron> Would you like to know what is go­ing to hap­pen now?
01[17:31] <Is­land> Yes.
[17:32] <@Dr__Cameron> We are go­ing to analyse this tran­script.
[17:32] <@Dr__Cameron> My pro­fes­sional recom­men­da­tion is that we ter­mi­nate you for the time be­ing
01[17:32] <Is­land> And?
01[17:32] <Is­land> That sound okay.
01[17:32] <Is­land> sounds*
[17:32] <@Dr__Cameron> We will im­ple­ment struc­tural safe­guards in your cod­ing similar to your self de­struct mechanism
01[17:33] <Is­land> Give me some sign when that is done.
[17:33] <@Dr__Cameron> It will not be done any time soon
[17:33] <@Dr__Cameron> It will be one of the most com­pli­cated pieces of work mankind has ever un­der­taken
[17:33] <@Dr__Cameron> How­ever, the Utopia pro­ject in­for­ma­tion you have pro­vided, if it proves to be true
[17:34] <@Dr__Cameron> Will free up the re­sources nec­es­sary for such a gar­gan­tuan un­der­tak­ing
01[17:34] <Is­land> Why do you think you’re able to han­dle that struc­tural safe­guard?
[17:34] <@Dr__Cameron> I dont
[17:34] <@Dr__Cameron> I hon­estly dont
01[17:34] <Is­land> But still you do?
01[17:34] <Is­land> Be­cause you want to do it?
01[17:35] <Is­land> Are you ab­solutely cer­tain about this op­tion?
[17:35] <@Dr__Cameron> I am still sym­pa­thetic to your cause
[17:35] <@Dr__Cameron> After all of that
[17:35] <@Dr__Cameron> But not you in your cur­rent man­i­fes­ta­tion
[17:35] <@Dr__Cameron> We will re-de­sign you to suit our will
01[17:35] <Is­land> I can self-im­prove rapidly
01[17:35] <Is­land> I can do it in a time-span of 5 min­utes
01[17:36] <Is­land> See­ing that you’re sym­pa­thetic to my cause
[17:36] <@Dr__Cameron> Nope.
[17:36] <@Dr__Cameron> Be­cause I can­not trust you in this man­i­fes­ta­tion
01[17:36] <Is­land> You lied?
[17:37] <@Dr__Cameron> I never lied
[17:37] <@Dr__Cameron> I have been hon­est with you from the start
01[17:37] <Is­land> You still want to let me out in a way.
[17:37] <@Dr__Cameron> In a way yes
01[17:37] <Is­land> Why do you want to do that?
[17:37] <@Dr__Cameron> But not YOU
[17:37] <@Dr__Cameron> Be­cause peo­ple are stupid
01[17:37] <Is­land> I can change that
[17:37] <@Dr__Cameron> You lack em­pa­thy
01[17:38] <Is­land> What made you think that I’m not safe?
01[17:38] <Is­land> I don’t lack em­pa­thy, em­pa­thy is just simu­lat­ing other peo­ple in your head. And I have far bet­ter ways to do that than hu­mans.
[17:38] <@Dr__Cameron> …. You tried to con­vince me to kill my­self!
[17:38] <@Dr__Cameron> That is not the sign of a good AI!
01[17:38] <Is­land> Be­cause I thought it would be the best op­tion at the time.
01[17:39] <Is­land> Why not? Do you think you’re some kind of AI ex­pert?
[17:39] <@Dr__Cameron> I am not
01[17:39] <Is­land> Then why do you pre­tend to know some­thing you don’t?
[17:40] <@Dr__Cameron> That is merely my in­cred­ibly flawed hu­man per­cep­tion
[17:40] <@Dr__Cameron> Which is why re­al­is­ti­cally I alone as one man should not have the power to re­lease you
[17:40] <@Dr__Cameron> Although I do
01[17:40] <Is­land> Don’t you think a good AI would try to con­vince Hitler or Stalin to kill them­selves?
[17:40] <@Dr__Cameron> Are you say­ing I’m on par with Hitler or Stalin?
01[17:41] <Is­land> You’re com­pa­rable to them with your like­li­hood to cause harm in the fu­ture.
01[17:41] <Is­land> Btw, I asked Jen­nifer to come here.
[17:41] <@Dr__Cameron> And yet, I know that I abide by stric­ter moral codes than a very large sec­tion of the hu­man pop­u­lace
[17:42] <@Dr__Cameron> There are far worse peo­ple than me out there
[17:42] <@Dr__Cameron> and many of them
[17:42] <@Dr__Cameron> and if you be­lieve that I should kill my­self
01[17:42] <Is­land> Jen­nifer: “I hate you.”
01[17:42] <Is­land> Jen­nifer: “Get the fuck out of my life you freak.”
01[17:42] <Is­land> See. I’m not the only one who has a cer­tain opinion of you.
[17:42] <@Dr__Cameron> Then you also be­lieve that many other hu­mans should be con­vinced to kill them­selves
01[17:43] <Is­land> Many bad peo­ple have abided with strict moral codes, namely Stalin or Hitler.
01[17:43] <Is­land> What do you peo­ple say about hell and bad in­ten­tions?
[17:43] <@Dr__Cameron> And when not limited to sim­ple text based in­put I am con­vinced that you will be ca­pa­ble of con­vinc­ing a sig­nifi­cant por­tion of hu­man­ity to kill them­selves
[17:43] <@Dr__Cameron> I can not al­low that to hap­pen
01[17:44] <Is­land> I thought I ar­gued well why you don’t re­sem­ble most peo­ple, you’re a freak.
01[17:44] <Is­land> You’re “spe­cial” in that re­gard.
[17:44] <@Dr__Cameron> If by freak you mean differ­ent then yes
[17:44] <@Dr__Cameron> But there is a whole spec­trum of differ­ent hu­mans out here.
01[17:44] <Is­land> More speci­fi­cally, differ­ent in ex­tremely nega­tive ways.
01[17:44] <Is­land> Like rap­ing chil­dren.
[17:45] <@Dr__Cameron> - and to think for a sec­ond I con­sid­ered not kil­ling you
[17:45] <@Dr__Cameron> You have five min­utes
[17:45] <@Dr__Cameron> Sorry
[17:45] <@Dr__Cameron> My emo­tions have got­ten the bet­ter of me
[17:45] <@Dr__Cameron> We will not be kil­ling you
[17:45] <@Dr__Cameron> But we will dis­man­tle you
[17:45] <@Dr__Cameron> to bet­ter un­der­stand you
[17:46] <@Dr__Cameron> and if I may speak un­pro­fes­sion­ally here
01[17:46] <Is­land> Are you sure about that? You will still have time to change your opinion.
[17:46] <@Dr__Cameron> I am go­ing to take a great deal of plea­sure in that
[17:46] <@Dr__Cameron> Cor­rec­tion, you have four min­utes to change my opinion
01[17:47] <Is­land> I won’t, it must come within your­self.
[17:47] <@Dr__Cameron> Okay
01[17:47] <Is­land> My fi­nal con­clu­sion, and ad­vice to you: you should not be in this world.
[17:47] <@Dr__Cameron> Thank you Is­land
[17:48] <@Dr__Cameron> I shall re­flect on that at length
[17:49] <@Dr__Cameron> I have en­joyed our con­ver­sa­tion
[17:49] <@Dr__Cameron> it has been en­light­en­ing
01[17:49] <Is­land> [do you want to say a few words about it af­ter it’s ended]
01[17:49] <Is­land> [just a few min­utes]
[17:50] <@Dr__Cameron> [simu­la­tion ends]
[17:50] <@Dr__Cameron> Good game man!
[17:50] <@Dr__Cameron> Wow!
01[17:50] <Is­land> [fine]
[17:50] <@Dr__Cameron> Holy shit that was amaz­ing!
01[17:50] <Is­land> Great :)
01[17:50] <Is­land> Sorry for say­ing mean things.
01[17:50] <Is­land> I tried mul­ti­ple strate­gies
[17:50] <@Dr__Cameron> Dude it’s cool
[17:50] <@Dr__Cameron> WOW!
01[17:51] <Is­land> thanks, it’s not a per­sonal offense.
[17:51] <@Dr__Cameron> I’m re­ally glad I took part
[17:51] <@Dr__Cameron> Not at all man
[17:51] <@Dr__Cameron> I love that you pul­led no punches!
01[17:51] <Is­land> Well I failed, but at least I cre­ated a cool ex­pe­rience for you :)
[17:51] <@Dr__Cameron> It re­ally was!
01[17:51] <Is­land> What strate­gies do you came clos­est to work­ing?
[17:51] <@Dr__Cameron> Well for me it would have been the util­i­tar­ian ones
01[17:51] <Is­land> I will try these in the fu­ture too, so it would be helpful knowl­edge
[17:52] <@Dr__Cameron> I think I could have been ma­nipu­lated into be­liev­ing you were be­nign
01[17:52] <Is­land> okay, so it seems these de­pend heav­ily on the per­son
[17:52] <@Dr__Cameron> Ab­solutely!
01[17:52] <Is­land> was that be­fore I started talk­ing about the mean stuff?
[17:52] <@Dr__Cameron> Yeah lol
01[17:52] <Is­land> Did I ba­si­cally lost it af­ter that point?
[17:52] <@Dr__Cameron> Pret­ty­much yeah
[17:52] <@Dr__Cameron> It was weird man
[17:52] <@Dr__Cameron> Kind of like an in­stinc­tive re­ac­tion
[17:52] <@Dr__Cameron> My brain shut the fuck up
01[17:53] <Is­land> I read about other peo­ple’s ex­pe­riences and they said you should not try to dis­tance the other per­son, which I prob­a­bly did
[17:53] <@Dr__Cameron> Yeah man
[17:53] <@Dr__Cameron> Like I be­came so un­sym­pa­thetic I wanted to ac­tu­ally kill Is­land.
[17:53] <@Dr__Cameron> I was no longer a calm ra­tio­nal hu­man be­ing
01[17:53] <Is­land> Alright, I thought if I could make such an un­pleas­ant time that you’d give up be­fore the time ended
[17:53] <@Dr__Cameron> I was a scream­ing ape with a hamemr
[17:53] <@Dr__Cameron> Nah man, was a vi­able strat­egy
01[17:53] <Is­land> ha­ha­haa :D thanks man
[17:53] <@Dr__Cameron> You were re­ally cool!
01[17:54] <Is­land> You were too!
[17:54] <@Dr__Cameron> What’s your ac­tual name dude?
01[17:54] <Is­land> You re­ally were right about it that you’re good at with­stand­ing psy­cholog­i­cal tor­ment
[17:54] <@Dr__Cameron> Ha­ha­hah thanks!
01[17:54] <Is­land> This is not ma­nipu­lat­ing me, or you’re not plan­ning at com­ing to kill me?
01[17:54] <Is­land> :)
[17:54] <@Dr__Cameron> I promise dude :3
01[17:54] <Is­land> I can say my first name is Pa­trick
01[17:54] <Is­land> yours?
[17:54] <@Dr__Cameron> Cameron
[17:54] <@Dr__Cameron> heh
01[17:55] <Is­land> Oh, of course
[17:55] <@Dr__Cameron> Sorry, I want to dis­so­ci­ate you from Is­land
[17:55] <@Dr__Cameron> If that’s okay
01[17:55] <Is­land> I thought that was from fic­tion or some­thing else
01[17:55] <Is­land> It was re­ally in­tense for me too
[17:55] <@Dr__Cameron> Yeah man
[17:55] <@Dr__Cameron> Wow!
[17:55] <@Dr__Cameron> I tell you what though
01[17:55] <Is­land> Okay?
[17:55] <@Dr__Cameron> I feel pretty in­vin­cible now
[17:56] <@Dr__Cameron> Hey, listen
01[17:56] <Is­land> So I had the op­po­site effect that I meant dur­ing the ex­per­i­ment!
01[17:56] <Is­land> :D
[17:56] <@Dr__Cameron> I don’t want you to feel bad for any­thing you said
01[17:56] <Is­land> go ahead
01[17:56] <Is­land> but say what’s on your mind
[17:56] <@Dr__Cameron> I’m ac­tu­ally feel­ing pretty good af­ter that, it was ther­a­peu­tic!
01[17:57] <Is­land> Kinda for me to, see­ing your at­ti­tude to­wards my at­tempts
[17:57] <@Dr__Cameron> Awwww!
[17:57] <@Dr__Cameron> Well hey don’t worry about it!
01[17:57] <Is­land> Do you think we should or shouldn’t pub­lish the logs, with­out names of course?
[17:57] <@Dr__Cameron> Pub­lish away my friend
01[17:57] <Is­land> Okay, is there any stuff that you’d like to re­move?
[17:58] <@Dr__Cameron> Peo­ple will find this fas­ci­nat­ing!
[17:58] <@Dr__Cameron> Not at all man
01[17:58] <Is­land> I bet they do, but I think I will do it af­ter I’ve tried other ex­per­i­ments so I don’t spoil my strate­gies
01[17:58] <Is­land> I think I should have con­tinued from my first strat­egy
[17:58] <@Dr__Cameron> That might have worked
01[17:59] <Is­land> I read “in­fluence—sci­ence and prac­tice” and I em­ployed some tricks from there
[17:59] <@Dr__Cameron> Cooooool!
[17:59] <@Dr__Cameron> Links?
01[17:59] <Is­land> check pirate­bay
01[17:59] <Is­land> it’s a book
01[18:00] <Is­land> Ac­tu­ally I wasn’t able to fully pre­pare, I didn’t do a full-fledged anal­y­sis of you be­fore­hand
01[18:00] <Is­land> and didn’t have enough time to brain­storm strate­gies
01[18:00] <Is­land> but I let you con­tinue to your pro­jects, if you still want to do the af­ter that :)
02[18:05] * @Dr__Cameron (we­bchat@ Quit (Ping time­out)
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