Meetup : Moscow: Applied Rationality

Dis­cus­sion ar­ti­cle for the meetup : Moscow: Ap­plied Rationality

WHEN: 19 Jan­uary 2013 04:00:00PM (+0400)

WHERE: Rus­sia, Moscow, ulitsa L’va Tols­togo 16

Our venue is changed:

We will meet in the Yan­dex Money office, this is the sec­ond door at the ad­dress I men­tioned. Please use the fol­low­ing guide to get there: link. I will be there at 16:00 MSK. And I will also check the en­trance at 16:15 and 16:30, so please do not be late.

Main top­ics:

  • Ap­plied ra­tio­nal­ity: prac­tice. The next one will be cal­ibra­tion ses­sion.

  • Cog­ni­tive bi­ases anal­y­sis. Here is the link to the list of bi­ases we will work on (in Rus­sian).

  • Solv­ing cases. Please pre­pare some prob­lems for dis­cus­sion. You can con­tact me to pro­pose your prob­lems and cases in ad­vance.

If you are go­ing for the first time, you can fill this one minute form (in Rus­sian), to share your con­tact in­for­ma­tion. You can also use per­sonal mes­sages here, or drop a mes­sage at lw@less­ to con­tact me for any rea­son. Please also con­tact me, if you are not sure you can be in time and I provide you with an emer­gency phone num­ber.

Dis­cus­sion ar­ti­cle for the meetup : Moscow: Ap­plied Rationality