A Request for Open Problems

Open prob­lems are clearly defined prob­lems1 that have not been solved. In older fields, such as Math­e­mat­ics, the list is rather in­timi­dat­ing. Ra­tion­al­ity, on the other, seems to have no list.

While we have all of us here to­gether to crunch on prob­lems, let’s shoot higher than try­ing to think of solu­tions and then find­ing prob­lems that match the solu­tion. What things are un­solved ques­tions? Is it rea­son­able to as­sume those ques­tions have con­crete, ab­solute an­swers?

The catch is that these prob­lems can­not be in­her­ently fuzzy prob­lems. “How do I be­come less wrong?” is not a prob­lem that can be clearly defined. As such, it does not have a con­crete, ab­solute an­swer. Does Ra­tion­al­ity have a set of prob­lems that can be clearly defined? If not, how do we work to­ward get­ting our prob­lems clearly defined?

See also: Open prob­lems at LW:Wiki

1: “Clearly defined” es­sen­tially means a for­mal, un­am­bigu­ous defi­ni­tion. “Solv­ing” such a prob­lem would con­sti­tute a for­mal proof.