Salary charts & Projection tool

Some quick back­ground, I am putting to­gether a non-profit whose goal is to provide ob­jec­tive, ra­tio­nal ca­reer guidance to high school/​col­lege stu­dents, with the aim to solve what I see as a pretty big prob­lem in the Amer­i­can ed­u­ca­tional sys­tem: our cur­rent ca­reer guidance is more fo­cused on how to get a job on your cho­sen field, rather than what field should you choose in the first place?

Mid-ranged goals in­volve set­ting up pro­grams where stu­dents can “shadow” peo­ple who work in a field they are in­ter­ested in so that they can see what those types of jobs ac­tu­ally en­tail. Short-term, the goal is to put to­gether some in­for­ma­tional re­sources that stu­dents can use to help guide their de­ci­sion a lit­tle more ra­tio­nally.

One of these in­for­ma­tion re­sources is a database that uses data pul­led from the Bureau of La­bor and Statis­tics, to tell you

  1. What range of salaries can you ex­pect in a given ca­reer?

  2. What salary you can ex­pect at any given age in a ca­reer.

  3. How many jobs are ac­tu­ally out there in any given ca­reer?

The beta-ver­sion of that database can be found here. First and fore­most, I’m hop­ing that this can be helpful or use­ful to any of the high-school or col­lege-aged LWers out there. Se­condly, I’m look­ing for feed­back as to how I can make the tool more use­ful. (Ob­vi­ously the de­sign is in­cred­ibly bare-bones). Speci­fi­cally:
  • Is there any ad­di­tional in­for­ma­tion you would find use­ful when try­ing to de­ter­mine a ca­reer?

  • Are there any ca­reers/​cat­e­gories of ca­reers that you can’t seem to find on this list?

  • Is any part of this in­for­ma­tion con­fus­ing or poorly ex­plained?

  • Any­thing else you can think that might im­prove this.