2015 New Years Resolution Thread

The new year is a popular Schelling point to make changes to your activities, habits, and/​or thought processes. This is often done via the New Year’s Resolution. One standard piece of advice for NYRs is to make them achievable, since they are often too ambitious and people end up giving up and potentially falling victim to the what-the-hell effect.

Wikipedia has a nice list of popular NYRs. For ideas from other LW contributors, here are some previous NYRs discussed on LW:

  • Somervta aimed to spend at least two hours/​week learning to program (here)

  • ArisKatsaris aimed to tithe to charity (here)

  • Swimmer963 aimed to experiment more with relationships (here)

  • RichardKennaway aimed to not die (here)

  • orthonormal aimed (for many years in a row) to make new mistakes (here)

  • Perplexed aimed to avoid making karma micromanagement postmortems (here)

  • Yvain aimed to check whether there was a donation matching opportunity the next week before making a donation (here)

(If one of these were from you, perhaps you’d like to discuss whether they were successful or not?)

In the spirit of collaboration, I propose that we discuss any NYRs we have made or are thinking of making for 2015 in this thread.