2015 New Years Resolution Thread

The new year is a pop­u­lar Schel­ling point to make changes to your ac­tivi­ties, habits, and/​or thought pro­cesses. This is of­ten done via the New Year’s Re­s­olu­tion. One stan­dard piece of ad­vice for NYRs is to make them achiev­able, since they are of­ten too am­bi­tious and peo­ple end up giv­ing up and po­ten­tially fal­ling vic­tim to the what-the-hell effect.

Wikipe­dia has a nice list of pop­u­lar NYRs. For ideas from other LW con­trib­u­tors, here are some pre­vi­ous NYRs dis­cussed on LW:

  • Somervta aimed to spend at least two hours/​week learn­ing to pro­gram (here)

  • ArisKat­saris aimed to tithe to char­ity (here)

  • Swim­mer963 aimed to ex­per­i­ment more with re­la­tion­ships (here)

  • RichardKen­n­away aimed to not die (here)

  • or­thonor­mal aimed (for many years in a row) to make new mis­takes (here)

  • Per­plexed aimed to avoid mak­ing karma micro­man­age­ment post­mortems (here)

  • Yvain aimed to check whether there was a dona­tion match­ing op­por­tu­nity the next week be­fore mak­ing a dona­tion (here)

(If one of these were from you, per­haps you’d like to dis­cuss whether they were suc­cess­ful or not?)

In the spirit of col­lab­o­ra­tion, I pro­pose that we dis­cuss any NYRs we have made or are think­ing of mak­ing for 2015 in this thread.