Posting now enabled on Less Wrong

Post­ing is now en­abled on Less Wrong, with a min­i­mum karma re­quired of 20 - that is, you must have got­ten at least 20 up­votes on your com­ments in or­der to pub­lish a post. Or an ad­min­stra­tor such as my­self or Robin (by de­fault you should bother me) can tem­porar­ily bless you with post­ing abil­ity—in the long run this shouldn’t hap­pen much.

For those of you who haven’t yet sub­scribed to /​ got­ten in the habit of check­ing Less Wrong:

  • Test Your Ra­tion­al­ity by Robin Han­son. It’s easy to find rea­sons to be­lieve your­self more ra­tio­nal than oth­ers, but most peo­ple do this; what real ways can be found to test your ra­tio­nal­ity?

  • Un­teach­able Ex­cel­lence and Teach­ing the Un­teach­able by Eliezer Yud­kowsky. The rare su­per­stars are rare be­cause their skills are cur­rently hard to trans­fer. A large num­ber of No­bel lau­re­ates are stu­dents of other No­bel lau­re­ates. How do you teach skills you can’t put into words?

  • The Costs of Ra­tion­al­ity by Robin Han­son. Ra­tion­al­ity can be use­ful for many things, but hu­mans aren’t re­ally de­signed for it, and a true effort to be­lieve truly can get in the way of many as­pects of or­di­nary life. Are you will­ing to pay the real costs of ra­ton­al­ity?

  • No, Really, I’ve De­ceived My­self and Belief in Self-De­cep­tion by Eliezer Yud­kowsky. A woman I met who didn’t seem to be­lieve in God at all, while hon­estly be­liev­ing that she had de­ceived her­self suc­cess­fully—which may bring most of the same placebo benefits.

  • The ethic of hand-wash­ing and com­muity epistemic prac­tice by Steve Ray­hawk and Anna Sala­mon. Diseases be­come more viru­lent in the pres­ence of poor hy­giene, since they can jump hosts more eas­ily. Are there analo­gous effects for ideas? What is the equiv­a­lent of wash­ing our hands?

The five most re­cent LW posts now ap­pear in OB’s side­bar (and vice versa), but aside from this you shouldn’t ex­pect fur­ther reg­u­lar sum­maries of LW on OB.