Is there an automatic Chrome-to-Anki-2 extension or solution?

I’d like to be able to click un­fa­mil­iar words in Chrome and au­to­mat­i­cally cre­ate notes in Anki 2 us­ing an on­line dic­tio­nary. It’d also be nice to have an au­to­matic method for send­ing text and images to Anki notes straight from Chrome. For ex­am­ple, if I read an ar­ti­cle here that I want to re­mem­ber, I’d be able to high­light the ti­tle, send it to Anki, and when I re­view, I’d see the ti­tle on the card’s front with the re­verse be­ing a link to the source if I for­got what the post was about.

I found some Chrome ex­ten­sions that pur­port to do this sort of thing, but didn’t get any of them to work with Anki 2. Is any­one cur­rently do­ing this, and if so, what is the solu­tion?