[Question] Maximizing impact at startup with high EA potential?

An early stage startup (SF Bay) has brought me on in a position of technical leadership. The product has the potential to save high-billions of human hours, and eliminate low-billions of tons of carbon emissions. Given that all startups are wildly optimistic, moving over two zeroes still lands at ~X00m hours and ~X0m tons of carbon saved.

It took me three weeks to realize I should run the numbers. After doing that, it took me three minutes to realize I’ve suddenly found myself in a potentially high impact and high leverage role. And that is precisely why I’m writing this post.

Beyond doing my job to the best of my abilities, what the heck else should I do? Are there EA/​LW/​rationalist resources and connections I should be contacting? Leadership coaches? Should I be advertising our job openings here? Talking to 80K hours? Playing NDA chicken and sharing more details about what the company is actually doing?

Advice greatly appreciated!

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