The map of p-zombies

No real p-zom­bies ex­ist in any prob­a­ble way, but a lot of ideas about them have been sug­gested. This map is the map of ideas. It may be fun or may be use­ful.

The most use­ful ap­pli­ca­tion of p-zom­bies re­search is to de­ter­mine whether we could loose some­thing im­por­tant dur­ing up­load­ing.

We have to solve the prob­lem of con­scious­ness be­fore we will be up­loaded. It will be the most stupid end of the world: ev­ery­body is al­ive and happy but ev­ery­body is p-zom­bie.

Most ideas here are from Stan­ford En­cy­clo­pe­dia of Philos­o­phy, Less­wrong wiki, Ra­tional wiki, re­cent post of EY and from works of Chalmers and Den­nett. Some ideas are mine.

The pdf is here.