Have I just destroyed the acausal trade network?

An amusing thought occurred to me: acausal trade works best when you expect that there are going to be a lot of quite predictable acausal traders out there.

However, I’ve suggested a patch that seems to be able to shut down acausal trade for particular agents. Before doing that, I was under the vague impression that all agents might self-modify to being acausal traders. But the patch means there might be far fewer of these than I thought, that generic agents need not become acausal traders.

That means that, even if we remain acausal traders, we now expect there are fewer agents to trade with—and since our expectations/​models are what powers acausal trade (at our end), this means that we might be having less acausal trade (especially when you add the fact that other acausal traders out there will be expecting and offering less acausal trade as well).

Did I just slap massive tariffs over the whole acausal trade network?