[Question] Security analysis of ‘cloud chemistry labs’?

I learned of ‘cloud chemistry labs’ while watching this video:

Wolfram is trying to devise a ‘molecular computing’ experiment to generate prime numbers using the ‘dynamics’ of a ‘molecular system’ (i.e. via something like the ‘set of all possible chemical reaction pathways’). (That’s pretty interesting on its own!)

But, apparently, he’s using (or planning on using) a ‘cloud chemistry lab’ to perform the actual chemistry experiments. He mentioned this particular ‘cloud lab’:

That is a really cool idea – but also seems, to me anyways, to be a (possibly) really dangerous ‘capability’ to make available in this way!

What are your thoughts on the security of either this particular lab or these kinds of labs in general?

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[Copied from this comment by me:]

I was hoping more for ‘brainstorm’ type responses I guess. (A somewhat comprehensive answer would be wonderful of course.)

I’m not actually worried about this. I don’t expect any particular ‘immediate’ tragedy to result. I’m thinking of this as more of ‘security puzzle’ than anything else, e.g. a ‘call to action’.

This isn’t a political campaign, or activism, or me attempting to pull any kind of ‘alarm’ about this being an impending catastrophe!

I’m really just curious.

What are the ways this could fail/​be-compromised? (Don’t share useable ‘exploits’ tho! Disclose any useable vulnerabilities responsibly!)

What are the ways we should expect this to fail/​be-compromised?

What are the ways it could be defended? What are the practical and principled limits of various defense?

How should we expect it to be defended?

[But also – SHIT – is the expected value of these kinds of discussions even positive at all?]

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