Bangalore Meetup: 19th June 4 pm

This is the sec­ond meetup be­ing or­ga­nized in Ban­ga­lore.

The pre­vi­ous one had two at­ten­dees and at least 6 more peo­ple in Ban­ga­lore and a few in other cities have ex­pressed an in­ter­est for an­other one in the com­ments. Since the dis­cus­sions pe­tered out with­out reach­ing a con­sen­sus on the date for the next one, I’m go­ing ahead and propos­ing 19th June 4 pm at Cafe Coffee Day on Bri­gade Road (this is the one on the Bri­gade Road/​Ma­grath Road junc­tion—close to Eva Mall.)

Do re­spond in the com­ments if you’d like the date/​time/​place to be changed. I hope there’ll be a good turn out this time!