Bangalore Meetup: 28th May

Ban­ga­lore hope­fully has enough LessWrongers to have its own meet up. I sug­gest hav­ing one in the af­ter­noon on Satur­day, 28th May at Cub­bon Park Band­stand. (Be­hind the high court in Cub­bon park).

I com­mit to be there from 4 pm-7 pm with a LW meetup sign and a book (can’t com­mit to which book I’ll be read­ing two weeks hence, so will edit that in later. I’ll be wear­ing a red kurta though). Since I don’t know any Ban­ga­lore­ans here and have never stood around in a pub­lic park hold­ing up a sign be­fore, com­ments show­ing in­ter­est will be much ap­pre­ci­ated as morale-boost­ers. :)

I’m open to sug­ges­tions re­gard­ing both time and place.