$1,000 Bounty for Pro-BLM Policy Analysis

I want to know what Americans with no particular relevant expertise should do in order to achieve the policy goals of the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States. I’m offering a $1,000 bounty (payable directly to you or to a charity of your choice) to whoever provides the analysis on this question that I find most informative in answering this question.

For any given proposed recommended action, I want to know *which* policy goals it will help achieve, *how* it will help achieve them, and *why* it should be expected to do so—bearing in mind that most political interventions do not achieve their intended outcomes, so the burden is on the proponents of any given intervention to explain why it is worthwhile.

The analysis to beat is Chloe Cockburn’s from the Open Philanthropy Project (part 1; part 2). If nobody offers an analysis that I find more informative than that one, the bounty will not be awarded. (Note, though, that I’m not expecting anything nearly as long or comprehensive as that document! If you offer one single recommendation, and successfully answer the above questions about it, that’s better than a long list of things without a clear bottom line or clear justifications.)

The deadline is Sunday, July 5. I will judge the submissions in my sole discretion. I may additionally award smaller bounties to non-winners who nonetheless end up influencing my thoughts on what should be done, or on how to judge the submissions. Please don’t hesitate to submit something just because you don’t think it’s worth $1,000.

Submissions may be posted publicly in the comments of this post, or sent to me via private message. I’m also cross-posting this to Facebook and Tumblr.