Hawking/​Russell/​Tegmark/​Wilczek on dangers of Superintelligent Machines [link]


Very sur­prised none has linked to this yet:

TL;DR: AI is a very un­der­funded ex­is­ten­tial risk.

Noth­ing new here, but it’s the biggest en­dorse­ment the cause has got­ten so far. I’m greatly pleased they got Stu­art Rus­sell, though not Peter Norvig, who seems to re­main luke­warm to the cause. Also too bad this was Huffing­ton vs some­thing more re­spectable. With some thought I think we could’ve got­ten the list to be more in­clu­sive and found a bet­ter pub­li­ca­tion; still I think this is pretty huge.