How does one get invited to the alignment forum?

At the mo­ment there is a link on the Align­ment Fo­rum to ap­ply for mem­ber­ship. You can ap­ply by sub­mit­ting pa­pers, blog posts or com­ments. How­ever, there is very lit­tle in the way of de­tail of what kind of work they ex­pect they ex­pect in or­der for you to have a rea­son­able chance of be­ing in­vited. I’m not say­ing that there should be spe­cific crite­ria as I’m in favour of the mod­er­a­tors us­ing their judge­ment. How­ever, more de­tail on what they are look­ing for would provide en­courage­ment for peo­ple to work to­wards achiev­ing the level of knowl­edge and good judge­ment that they ex­pect for their mem­bers.