[Question] Can someone design this Google Sheets bug list template for me?


My lo­cal ra­tio­nal­ity group is go­ing to perform a struc­tured test of the ‘Ham­mer­time’ se­quence. We are mak­ing a “bug list” of var­i­ous prob­lems in our lives for this se­quence. (For those fa­mil­iar, this var­i­ant of the bug list is loosely in­spired by the FMEA) We as­sign, on a scale of 1-5, three differ­ent val­ues to each bug: “Im­pact” (on our life), “Fre­quency” (of oc­cur­rence, or need of oc­cur­rence for things we need to do), and “How cheap is the cost” (in time/​effort/​money, where 1 is most ex­pen­sive, and 5 is cheap­est). The prod­ucts of “Im­pact” and “Fre­quency” will all be to­taled to­gether, re­sult­ing in our “RPN” (“Risk Pri­or­ity Num­ber”), and this is the num­ber we will be test­ing be­fore and af­ter perform­ing the se­quence, to mea­sure its suc­cess.


As I ad­just the as­signed val­ues of each bug, elimi­nate bugs, and add new ones, I want the spread­sheet to calcu­late the product of the first two val­ues, and auto-sort the list by this num­ber, giv­ing me a live pri­or­ity list for ad­dress­ing the bugs. I also want the abil­ity to sort the list by the product of all three num­bers, al­low­ing me to op­tion­ally fac­tor in the difficulty. This will re­sult in 6 columns:

1-Name of Bug



4-”Cheap Cost?”

5-Product of 2 and 3 (de­fault auto-sort­ing)

6-Product of 2, 3, and 4 (op­tional sort­ing)

As well as a fi­nal row (or column, or what­ever) with the to­tal sum of Column 5′s val­ues (the “RPN”).


I suck at spread­sheets, hav­ing never learned them. I already made an at­tempt, but failed. I could put the time and effort into learn­ing this, but I don’t fore­see us­ing this skill again, so it seems more op­ti­mal to use some­one else’s skills for this.

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