Confusion about Normative Morality

Hi ev­ery­one,

If this has been cov­ered be­fore, I apol­o­gize for the clut­ter and ask to be redi­rected to the ap­pro­pri­ate ar­ti­cle or post.

I am in­creas­ingly con­fused about nor­ma­tive the­o­ries. I’ve read both Eliezer’s and Luke’s meta ethics se­quences as well as some of nyan’s posts, but I felt even more con­fused af­ter­wards. Fur­ther, I hap­pen to be a philos­o­phy stu­dent right now, and I’m wor­ried that the ideas pre­sented in my ethics classes are mis­guided and “con­cep­tu­ally cor­rupt” that is, the fo­cus seems to be on defin­ing terms over and over again, as op­posed to tak­ing ac­count of real effects of moral ideas in the ac­tual world.

I am look­ing for two things: first, a guide as to which re­duc­tion­ist moral the­o­ries ap­prox­i­mate what LW ra­tio­nal­ists tend to think are cor­rect. Se­cond, how can I go about my ethics courses with­out go­ing in­sane?

Sorry if this seems overly ag­gres­sive, I am per­haps wrongfully frus­trated right now.