Effective altruism and political power

I just saw that Donald Trump is running for president. Which led me to the following thought: would any of the big names in tech have a chance at being elected president of the US? Elon Musk? Sergey Brin? Jeff Bezos? Reid Hoffman? Peter Thiel? Edit: Bill Gates?

Some follow up questions/​thoughts:

  • As far as maximizing altruistic impact goes, would it be a good idea for them to become president?

  • Do these people care about maximizing altruistic impact? To what extent? If so/​enough, why not do it?

  • What other “sane” people have enough reputation in the public eye to have a chance at acquiring a lot of political power? My first thought was tech people, but I’m sure there are others. Big hedge fund managers? Ray Dalio? Or maybe some famous scientists?

  • What does EA have to say about acquiring political power?

Edit: hypothetically, if one of these big-name tech people were to try to gain political power, how should they go about doing so?