Enjoy LessWrong in ebook format

I would like to inform the community that all LessWrong Community Sequences are now available in EPUB and pdf format. These formats provide an alternative way to these sequences, allowing for offline reading on e-readers. You can find the library with all ebooks here: https://​​github.com/​​bartbussmann/​​lesswrong_ebook_library

Personally, I feel that reading entire sequences have several benefits over reading individual posts. It gives me a clearer understanding of the development of ideas and the context in which the posts were written. However, most sequences are too long to read in one session and if I read them on desktop and don’t finish them, I tend to forget that I was reading them. Reading sequences like I read ebooks makes it easier to keep track.

Furthermore, reading on an e-reader provides a nice distraction-free environment. Ideal for those who want to read LessWrong without having social media one click away. Therefore, I have also made ebooks of the most upvoted posts on LessWrong of every month since January 2012. I’m planning to generate such an ebook every month, such that I can read the best material in a calmer environment. Also, e-readers offer features such as adjustable font sizes and glare-free screens, making the reading experience more comfortable.

I have tried to make sure that the images and math are all rendered correctly, preserving the original visual content of the blog posts. I have tested a random sample of the ebooks on a Kobo Aura, Remarkable 2, and in Calibre. On these devices, they all seem to render nicely, but your mileage may vary based on your device.

Additionally, the source code (written in Python) for the scraping and generation of the EPUBs is available for those interested in generating their own EPUBs. Feel free to provide suggestions for any improvements. Finally, if any authors would rather not have their content available in ebook format, please contact me and I will try to promptly remove them from the library!